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Arizona Cardinals odds and betting lines

 With Dennis Green gone, the Arizona Cardinals are looking for a break, the betting odds still not favoring the Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals odds and betting lines Tough few years for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans. Only 25 wins over the last five seasons cost Dennis Green his job and now the new head coach Ken Whisenhunt, former Pittsburgh offensive coordinator, will take the rein in hopes to bring the Cardinals up. Matt Leinart will be the QB and Kurt Warner will remain in the backup role.

 The Cardinals defense has a lot of work to do, but hopefully the second-round draft pick Alan Branch (Michigan) will get some playtime if he proves himself during camp and preseason.

The spell over the Arizona Cardinals doesn't seem to be lifted and after staying healthy during camp, in the first preseason game the Cardinals starting linebacker Chike Okeafor tore a bicep muscle and starting right tackle Oliver Ross tore a tricep muscle. Now the rookie Levi Brown will be given the starting position as a right tackle. Backup center Nick Leckey is suffering a left knee ligament sprain. There were a few other injuries during the Week 1, but fortunately for the Cardinals - not serious. They lost against the Raiders 27-23 and Matt Leinart went 5-for-11 for 50 yards, while Bryant Johnson caught three passes for 87 yards and a major for the Cardinals.

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Now let's look at the way the sportsbooks are perceiving the Arizona Cardinals. Thanks to the recent history of the team, the odds on the Arizona Cardinals fail to match the team and fans spirit. Here are the current Arizona Cardinals betting odds, as posted by the online website Bookmaker (new window):

Arizona Cardinals odds to win the NFC: +2000

Arizona Cardinals odds to win the NFC West: +375

Odds on the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl XLII: +3600

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Published on 08/12/2007

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