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 Best online casino

Best online casino

  The best online casino on our block comes right on the top spot, offering some of the best array of depositing options for U.S. players we have seen than any other online casino out there. The game-play is top quality, customer service is very attentive and you will have fun at the Las Vegas USA online casino. Our best recommendation for some of the easiest deposits you can make at the online gambling websites. Click to visit the casino
  Land based casino Gambling
Don't feel like gambling online? Looking for a casino in the United States, Europe or Canada? We have one of the biggest list of land casinos, so your only option is not online gambling. Find a casino in your part of the world by using the links on the left.
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USA Online Casino: Guide to the best 3 U.S. casinos
The year is coming to an end soon and it's time once again to review the best USA online casinos and select the top 3 for the year 2013.
Online casinos accepting MasterCard
List of casinos taking MasterCard as depositing option for US players.

US friendly online casinos, which online casinos are U.S. friendly
With the landscape of online gambling in the United States and throughout the globe, once an year we do an updated list of U.S. friendly online casinos.
Slots Plus Casino
Las Vegas USA Casino
Vegas Casino Online
First casino online The Slots Plus casino is the new addition to the gambling industry, by one of the most reputable gambling merchants. Great bonus offer, up to $7,000 free for new customers and all casino games present, there are no "buts" about this online casino. Click here to visit the online casino.

Bonus: $10,000 on first deposit
Country Restrictions: None

Second casino online Another long-established online casino with great customer service and full array of casino games. You would never hear a complaint about Las Vegas USA, where one can play hundreds of gambling games with confidence. Click here to visit this online casino.

 Bonus: $3000
 Country Restrictions: None

Thrid casino online Vegas Casino Online is among the leaders in the gambling industry, offering great free money bonus, plenty of games and a peace of mind while playing. A must visit by anyone who thinks playing online casinos should be entertainment. Click here to visit the casino.

 Bonus: $3000
 Country Restrictions: None

Gambling Industry and Internet Gambling

RTG Online Casino: Best RTG casinos online
If you are an avid online gambling enthusiast, you probably already know that there are three popular online casino software developers.

How do online casinos work?
Over the years we have provided online gamblers from all over the world with information on gambling and online casinos, but it appears we have missed one important point – namely how do online casinos work.

Highest paying online casinos: Find the highest paying casino
It's no secret that the smart gamblers are looking for the highest paying online casinos to improve their odds of coming out a winner from the online casino, but it's a real secret which are the highest paying casinos online these days.

High roller online casino: Guide to high roller casinos
One of the subjects we haven't covered in a while in the online gambling industry is the high roller online casinos and the need for a quick guide to finding the best high roller casino for those players betting big is in order.

How to win at the online casinos: Tips for winning at the internet casino
For anyone who has ever gambled at the online casinos, a question that has always popped in their heads is "How to win at the online casino?".

Legit online casinos for USA players
If you are new to online gambling and are looking for legit online casinos, you are in luck, as many other players will tell you, finding a legit online casino for USA players could be a daunting task.


Online gambling, casinos, and betting ads

Best Canadian online casino:
Canada gambling
River Belle Casino is one of the top online casinos, accepting Canadian players. Online gambling has never been so much fun, and this casino is proudly crowned the king of slots. They offer 200% match bonus for new players and you be sure to take advantage of this free casino bonus. Some of the biggest casino jackpots have been won at River Belle, so don't miss your chance. And as always, have fun gambling - click here to visit this casino.
U.K. online gambling website:

UK is the leader in the UK and even throughout Europe when it comes to sports betting and gambling online. Take advantage of the generous bonus money for new players and don't forget that this UK bookmaker guarantees to have the best odds available on almost all soccer and horse racing bets, as well as plenty of free play offers and cash back bonuses. This truly is the best U.K. online gambling website. - click here to visit the official site.

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NFL: Where to bet on NFL: Best sites for NFL betting online
With yet another football season approaching, many new to online betting are asking the question - where to bet on NFL this year?
Champions League:  2016 Champions League lines: Betting lines on the UCL final
This Saturday soccer fans from all over the world will tune in to watch the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final game between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.
Soccer: World Cup Odds: Best odds to win the 2010 World Cup
Just a week away from the start of the most popular sporting event in the world - the World Cup 2010, we have gathered the best World Cup odds and you can see and compare below.

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Fastest paying sportsbook: Sports betting sites and sportsbooks pay fast
One of the biggest concerns for online bettors is the fast pay of their winnings and here you will find out which sports betting websites and sportsbooks are the fastest payout processors.
Best Betting Sites: List of top betting websites
As you may already know, the number of good online casinos accepting US players is rather small, compared to the past.
Safe online sportsbook: List of safe sportsbooks
Betting at the sportsbooks is quickly becoming the US favorite pastime, but finding safe online sportsbook to wager at is progressively becoming a nuisance.
Examples and explanation of point spread, from -1 to +15 spreads
If there is a point spread number you wish to know what it means, we have compiled examples of the most common point spread numbers, from -1 to +15.
Sports Betting: Parlay vs. Straight Bet
At OGPaper you are bound to find the most comprehensive guides to sports betting, online gambling and casino reviews, today we will look into the basics of sports betting by comparing two of the most common bet forms - the parlay and the straight bet, also knows as single bet.
Best poker site for U.S. players? This is the best USA poker website
No one is contesting the fact that poker is the most popular for of gambling in the United States but the question is which one is the best poker site for USA players?
USA Sportsbooks: Online sportsbooks taking US customers
Are you US bettor looking for an online sportsbook allowing USA customer to place bets on line? Well, you and the rest of the United States are looking for those sportsbooks taking US customers..
Costa Rica Sportsbook: List of Costa Rica based online sportsbooks
Costa Rica is to online sportsbooks what Las Vegas is to the casinos and with the ever increasing interest in Costa Rica sportsbook betting, it's time to list the best online sportsbooks located in the country.

Casino and Gambling Opinions

 US friendly online casinos, which online casinos are U.S. friendly
With the landscape of online gambling in the United States and throughout the globe, once an year we do an updated list of U.S. friendly online casinos.

Do online casinos pay? Do internet casinos pay real money?
The opponents of online gambling will often cite the money laundering possibility as their strongest suit in the fight to criminalize wagers over the Internet, but a cool-headed look into the topic will quickly show that this claim has no ground.

Live sports betting: Live sports wagering is a good bet
The majority of bettors use the live sports betting option at the sportsbooks to hedge their regular bets, if a game turns sour for them.

Online sportsbooks accepting credit cards, sportsbooks deposit using credit card
The biggest problem for the online sportsbooks and the bettors alike is depositing at sportsbooks and finding those who accept credit cards.


Major sports events, betting odds and guides

The basics you need to know about online casinos and gambling:

   The subject of online gambling is vast and would require hundreds of pages to develop, but there are a few basic things everyone interested in online casinos or other Internet gambling options should familiarize themselves with. Here is all you need to know to be able to choose the right online casino of gambling website: When we talk about online casinos, there are two major kinds - downloadable online casino and "Flash-based" casinos. The first category will require a download in order to play and is the one we recommend, as it offers the best experience, while the latter requires no download, but is limited in games and graphics, in comparison to the downloadable online casinos. Once you have chosen your version of online casino, you need to make sure it offers the casino games you like to play. Almost all online casinos will have the all-familiar table games, video slots, keno, etc., but it's always better to make sure the gambling website will have your games of choice. If anything, it will save you valuable time.

 Which brings us to the next part - free play at the online casinos. All worthy casinos will give you the option to play all games (except progressives) for absolutely free. Use this feature to see if you like the casino and if not, move on, there are plenty of fish in the see. Once you have gone through all the steps above, it's time for one of the best parts of gambling online - the bonuses. Every online casino offers free money bonus, but make sure you familiarize yourself with the bonus requirements, before you take the final step and deposit money at the online casinos. After depositing, your funds will be available for immediate use and you can start playing. But before you begin this short process - always make sure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction!

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