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Casino on the go

With the boom of the Internet and the online casinos, last year over 7 million Americans have logged in and wagered online. With the rapid development of the cell phone industry now many companies offer internet services on mobile phones and PDAs. Even ESPN got a piece of the action offering live ESPN TV on your cell phone. With this in mind, the future of the gambling industry in this sector is clear -  there ought to be a way to wager on your cell phone. Right now the only online casino offering betting on this way is William Hill. However they offer only 3 casino games so far - a game of slots, blackjack and video poker, from informative websites such as video poker coach and many others. You can download this games and play them on your cell phone using your William Hill account. Would this be the future for the online casinos? Not for a while. There is the fact that in US placing bets over the phone is illegal, and the fact itself that these casino games are located on your phone, and you use the phone to play them, could overshadow the fact that you actually are using the Internet to do so. Even if the US follows the WTO decision and deem online gambling legal,  we might not see cell phone gambling for at least a few more years. Despite that, there are many online casinos currently developing cell phone and PDA versions of their software, because one it becomes legal - it will follow the ring tones into one of the most profitable mobile businesses.


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