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2005: Interesting Year for Online Casinos

It wasn't an easy year for online casinos in 2005. The industry went through many changes, growing and slowing down, crashed and boomed again. Millions of dollars were won in online casinos, by players from all over the world and everyone seems to be infected with the poker flue. Looking back on the past year, it wasn't a bad year at all for online casinos.

It was a horrible year for the victims of many natural disasters this year. However, the online casinos got a chance to show that they cared. The year started with the tsunami, killing millions of people in the end of 2004 and many online casinos and poker rooms raised money for the victims. Several tournaments were organized and other fundraising events, to collect money for the numerous good causes related to the Tsunami. Later in the year, the online gambling operations came in action again, after the hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. In 2005, the online casinos really showed that they have a positive effect on the world, instead of a negative one, which is always presented by the media.

The largest online gaming operation on the internet surprised the entire financial market by having the highest IPO in the past five years on the London Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, when the online casinos CEO reported that the results of the operation might slow down, the market crashed and the share prize dropped like stone. This led to law claims from other e-gaming businesses, blaming them for breach of contract. It also brought the online gambling operations plenty of publicity and huge papers all over the world, discussing the struggle of the online casino market. Another interesting financial development, were the investments of Wall Street in the offshore online casinos. Officially, it is still illegal to gamble in online casinos in the United States, but nobody is sure how the rules lie for investing…
The quality of the online casinos games have developed greatly in the past year. The biggest software developers have improved their software, offering the players more gaming pleasure by featuring new exciting games with superb up-to-the-minute options. The well-known e-gaming watchdog organization eCOGRA, certified more online gambling sites in 2005, making more casinos a 100% reliable. Many online casinos want the eCOGRA seal, understanding that gamblers have become more computer-savvy and will not stand for an internet casino that isn't fair, safe, or honest.

The growing competition among online casinos led to the larger companies merging, buying and killing many smaller gambling operations. According to gambling experts, this is only the beginning, and soon small operations won't stand a chance in the hard world of online casinos.

The New Year has just begun, and already online casinos are making waves. This year, everybody is waiting for an answer of the United States to online gambling. Opponents and supporters are discussing the benefits and disadvantages constantly. But will the government finally make a (right) decision this year?


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