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The United States and Online Casinos: Never Ending Battle

It's expected that this year, there will be even more discussions between the State and the operators of online casinos. Already opponents of online casinos are gathering to prepare their attacks on the online gambling operations, luring American players into their games.

In November 2005, Rep. Jim Leach from Iowa introduced the 'Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act of 2005' in an attempt to get rid of the offshore online casinos. The chances are that there will be no action on this bill until later this year, on the final session of the 109th Congress.

Not for the first time, Leach wants to stop American gamblers from playing in online casinos. With his bill, he wants to prohibit the use of credit cards or any other payment methods from being used for transactions from and to online casinos.

Rick Smith, Executive Director of the Interactive Gaming Council, states that Leach and the other opponents of online casinos have already partly reached their goal, since most major US financial institutions now block transactions to the casinos on their own initiative. For the last couple of years, it has been hard to find a US credit card that you can use for depositing in online casinos.

According to Smith, this proofs exactly how useless all the efforts of Leach are. If more than 12.5 million Americans are gambling in online casinos, despite the fact that most payment methods don't allow transfers to the cashiers of online gambling site, this doesn't sound like the solution to the problem. Apparently, Leach and his followers are underestimating the American gamblers grandly, since they seem to have no problems finding other methods of online money transfer.

In trying to stop the online casinos from taking bets from American Gamblers, Leach worked together with Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona. Kyl is seen as the most persistent opponent of online gambling, who has tried repeatedly in the last years, to achieve the illegalization of the online gambling sites. Unfortunately, Kyl failed to get his legislation concerning online casinos approved.

Keith Furlong, Deputy Director of the Interactive Gaming Council, believes that both Leach and Kyl are wasting the time of the Congress in trying to stop the online casinos. Furlong believes that the only thing that the Congress can do is trying to regulate the business of online casinos, not prohibit it. According to Furlong, legislation is needed to facilitate the government licensing and strict regulation of online gambling.

Global expectations are that online gambling will be regulated in the United States by 2007 at latest. Lawmakers will be forced regulate and tax the industry.

In the same time that Leach and Kyl are trying to fight the impossible battle with the online casinos, the number of Americans that gamble on the internet is growing every year. The extreme success of poker is yet another sign that the success of online casinos isn't over yet and won't be for a long time…


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