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Mobile Games Publisher Starts With Online Casinos Games

One of the leading developers and distributors of mobile games, decided to cooperate a mobile gambling service and payment provider and launch a all-inclusive, real money Bingo, Lotto and online casinos games for all the 02 i-mode customers in the United Kingdom.

All customers of 18 and up will be able to play the online casinos games. Registration is easy via the mobile device and takes only a couple of minutes. All the online casinos games are free and can be saved instantly on the handheld device at any time.

With the new service, customers can play all the casino classics like Blackjack, Poker and Roulette plus numerous other exciting games, including the progressive game: Nudge 7. The jackpot of Nudge 7 increases on a daily basis and is expected to grow regularly above £10,000.

On top of all these great online casinos games, players will be able to play bingo games every few minutes. These bingo games will also have progressive jackpots, and there for high cash prizes to win in each session.

The CEO of the mobile games developer, Tony Pearce, stated that he is convinced that mobile gamers need something that involves fun and excitement, like the games of online casinos. With this mobile casino, customers will be able to play for either fun, or for real money, making the whole concept more appealing.

It will be possible to play the mobile online casinos games for as little as 10p. It won't be necessary to make any up-front deposits or to sign up before playing. It's possible to use different kinds of payment methods to play the games, including Cashish, credit card or with cash, at thousands of betting shops all around the United Kingdom.

Charles Cohen, CEO of the developer of the online casinos games for the handheld devices, states that the first signs after the launch are extremely positive. He added that today he sent a £500 check to one of the winners. He believes the success is mainly thanks to the easy access to the online casinos games and the low-stakes, which make the games interesting to all customers.

Today, both companies announced that they are going to offer their mobile online casinos games to other mobile operators in Europe and Asia.

Online casinos are more popular than ever. All around the world, people are sitting

2006 is believed to be the year of mobile gaming. In Asia, mobile gaming is already a big success and many online casinos sold their software to Asian mobile operators. However, in Europe, playing games on the mobile phone hasn't got extremely popular in the past years, and some might wonder what will happen this year, to change the attitudes of the European players of mobile online casinos.


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