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Government Regulated Online Casinos: A Sign of the Future?

As online casinos continue to face legal difficulties in the US and in Italy, for example, relating to regulation and legality problems, some online casinos are hoping for future regulation and better relations with countries in the US and Europe.

One of the first online casinos in the world to be government licensed and fully regulated is the Lasseters casino, and it has recently undergone a brand new facelift, and remains one of the top online casinos on the Internet today because of its policy of constant evolution and improvement.

Lasseters is regulated by Australia and fully licensed and perhaps can provide a good benchmark for other online casinos or nations who are tinkering with the possibility of regulating online casinos in the future.

Lasetters was one of the first ever online casinos, hitting the world wide web on April 10th, 1999, and under new legislation was licensed by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. Online casinos are mostly based in offshore tax havens like Antigua, and the United States Congress has recently introduced a bill that would severely cripple online casinos, but the setup seems to work well in Australia.

Perhaps governments and online casinos should look to the Australian situation as a blueprint for future success. In competing with other online casinos, Lasseters recently announced a new site with a more luxurious feel. The casino is now “elegant” and believes that the best way to gain a competitive advantage over other online casinos is to provide superior customer service and a greater experience for consumers.

The site navigation, however, remains unchanged, so regular consumers will have no difficulty locating their favorite online casinos games.

The Australian site has made a name for itself amongst online casinos because of its innovative slots and new offering called “Holy Divine,” which was released a little over a month ago for Valentine’s Day.

Holy Divine has quickly become a favorite of the site’s patrons, as players have doubled their interest in Holy Divine over the site’s other games.

Other recent new games at the casino include Year of the Dog, Lap of Luxury, Outback Adventure, and Halloween Horrors.

As an industry leader both technologically and in terms of offering great sign up bonuses and promotions , it is clear that this Australian site has made a great name for itself. The site boasts “prompt payouts” and “twenty four hour customer service, seven days a week.” But the most intriguing aspect of this Australian giant, remains its regulation and license by the government.

Other internet sites will keep a close eye on their competition but also may look to take a page out of Australia’s online gaming and entertainment industry book, and aim to make regulation and licensing a more viable and common option in the future, rather than the current industry squabbles over legal problems relating to the WTO, and mentioned at debates at the United States House of Representatives debating room floors.


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