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Poker Player Starts Poker Site with Online Casino Winnings

Dylan Jones, a 27-year-old poker fan launched his own poker portal on the internet, paid for with the money he earned in online casinos. With the poker site, he wants to help other poker players finding the right online casinos or online poker rooms and making a lot of money while doing so.

Jones won £600, playing roulette in online casinos, and now hopes to turn this money into a successful online venture. He always loved to play in online casinos, but he played with a goal. He wanted to play until he would have enough money to buy his own computer. As soon as he reached £600, Jones stopped playing immediately in online casinos and bought a pc. From that moment on, he put all his time and effort in building a website focused on his life passion: poker.

He worked on the site for almost 6 months, and did almost nothing else besides this. He didn't play in online casinos or saw his friends. At first, the site didn't really do much. After it went online, not many online casinos players visited the site, and things didn't look too bright for Jones. However, after a brand new re-launch, the site became a huge success.

With his new site, Dylan wants to provide a service for the poker community and hopes to attract new players to online casinos and online poker rooms.

According to Dylan, he didn't know what site to choose from, when he first started playing poker. There are so many online casinos and online poker rooms to choose from, it's hard to tell which one is best. He played in hundreds of online casinos and poker rooms, trying to find out, which one fitted him best and he now wants to safe new players this trouble.

Dylan believes that the most important part of his site is the players' forum. On this forum, players of online casinos of all over the world will come together and discuss their tactics and ideas, mainly focused on poker, and organize online and offline contest and tournaments. Already the forum is big success and many online casinos players post their opinions and remarks. Dylan states that his forum is the perfect opportunity for both newbie's and professionals to come together and discuss the ins and outs of the poker game and other games of online casinos. Dylan explains that he for instance is interested in the mathematical side of poker and the forum is a great opportunity to talk about this subject with players, who share the same interests.

He is fully aware that having a forum is not enough to make your site a success and make it pay the bills. Content (focused on online casinos) needs to be updated frequently. This is why his site as RSS feed from several large online casinos focused on poker, which automatically update the content. He also posts daily his own original content.


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