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The Importance of Entertainment to Online Casinos

The third and final day of the online casinos industry Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo in Montreal gives the opportunity to look back on a period of intense information sharing activity and reflect on the trends and developments in the online casinos industry since the last major industry conference only 5 months ago in London.

Examining all online casinos industry trends, online casinos are looking to wider entertainment techniques; the continuing critical need for solid anti-fraud and security measures at online casinos and excluding underage gambling products at online casinos; more player protection and the ever present dynamic advances in technology also are great challenges for the future of online casinos.

Early morning sessions at the online casinos convention presented the latest information and product development on ID verification appropriate to combating underage gamblers and fraud threats at online casinos. At least four online casinos companies at the show were presenting improved services using a wide range of international databases to achieve this goal.
The conference also featured exciting online and offline techniques, as online casinos often complemented offline casinos and online casinos showed new technology and database developments which were steadily improving online casinos defenses against the unscrupulous, but no “great breakthrough” has been agreed upon in terms of security at online casinos.

In another session at the conference, the problems of underage and addictive gambling received close attention from a sizeable audience listening to Robin Burgess of Responsibility in Gambling Trust.

Also, the importance of sports books as feeders of players to the game of poker was noted at the convention, as was the far better climate nowadays for top quality online tuition in the game, evidenced by the large number of young, successful players in the online poker space.

Roy Cooke's words of wisdom were interesting - player retention is critical, as is top rate player support. "If you lose your losers, you'll lose your business," he said. "Use your statistics to keep your finger on the pulse and generate activities that your players want. Second depositors are your real "acquisitions" so look after them with honest games and solid service."

Cooke also said it was important for poker to distinguish itself from the general run of gambling, thus reducing the risk of legal complications. Poker players gambled against each other, and not the house and the levels of skill were considerable.

In Cooke's opinion there is too much cheating online, and this needs to be the focus of constant attention as it discouraged new players. He quoted a recent study which showed that only 10 percent of the millions of American players have ventured into online poker for real money play due to personal fears and perceptions of collusion or being cheated.

Money, fraud detection and techie IT matters dominated other sessions, but a games workshop on mobile gaming was the one most delegates attended, mainly because this promising sector has yet to deliver the big revenues expected.


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