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Online Casinos look to take advantage of World Cup

America and the internet are in the midst of a boom in online casinos, and the $12 billion dollar a year industry is taking over the world wide web. Who would have thought, a few years ago, that internet poker and gambling would be so popular? Due to new TV shows like the World Series of Poker on ESPN and the World Poker Tour, online casinos have capitalized and are now in the minds of millions of Americans and other players worldwide. Online casinos are everywhere – on soccer shirts, on TV, on advertisements on buses – the internet gambling industry is a worldwide force. The profitability of the online casinos industry and the customer dedication suggest that online casinos and sports books are not merely a fad and will remain a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Online casinos and sports books always see betting increase because of major sporting events. For example, in March, online casinos saw an increase because of March Madness (the NCAA basketball tournament). Now, online casinos and sports books are seeing a major spike because of the 2006 World Cup in Germany this month. But is all this gambling and all these new online casinos healthy for the youth? Will online casinos be regulated? These questions remain unanswered, though industry experts are weighing in with their opinions. Whatever the answers, it is clear that the World Cup has made online casinos are a very popular venue for many bettors.

The World Cup has long been acknowledged as the most popular, and most watched sporting event on the planet, and this year its appeal is reaching further than ever, news that isn’t lost on many of the top online casinos on the net.
With sports betting and props wagering being huge areas of business in the world of online casinos, it comes as no surprise that the online casino industry is therefore cashing in big time on the World Cup. A total of 64 games will be played over the next month, by 32 teams from around the world, and with 3 games per day in the group stages, online casinos are preparing themselves for a betting frenzy. The first game will be on June 9th as Germany, the host nation, take on heavy under-dogs Costa Rica.
The tournament in Germany will be screened live around the globe to millions of viewers rooting for their national teams, and many sports books will be taking advantage of this sports betting opportunity, there will be plenty of options for fans wishing to place bets and wagers on their favorite teams, players, and predictions.
The odds are currently on tournament favorites Brazil to bring the trophy home for a record sixth time, but England, Argentina, Italy and Germany are also well backed front-runners at different sports books all over the web.
Whether or not Brazil are the champions, it is clear that sports books will be the big winners.


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