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Land Based Casinos Losing Revenues in the United States

There have been reports released lately that have implied that many land based casinos have been shut down as a result of the success of online casinos. Online casinos have been growing in annual rates and their success this past year has left people shocked and has made people not sure how to come across this issue. A report done in the last month has shown that New Jersey has had to shut down casinos as a result of the success of online casinos. New Jersey has also experienced further problems as the city has made one of its casinos shut down for a three day period. The shut down of this casino has implied that they have had further financial loss as everyday of the casino closed equals to millions of dollars not being revenue.

New Jersey is just an example of the fate of land based casinos in the past month. Las Vegas has not reported any major losses, but more low scale casinos such as Atlantic City's and Idaho's casinos have been feeling the impact. The non-smoking law that has been passed in Canada has also caused casinos to take a downfall as many people who are smokers were motivated to go to casinos for the sole purpose of smoking. Now that the law has been passed, casinos in cities such as Aurelia and Niagara Falls have been affected.

This is an interesting concept as online casinos are illegal to game in from the US and from Canada. To imply that revenue has been lost in land based casinos as a result of online casinos suggests that an illegal activity is being done. Legislators are interested in finding a way to deter players from gaming in online casinos and returning to the legal casinos that are often located in North America on Native Reserves.

Much success for online casinos has also been attributed to its features of poker rooms and sports betting sites. There are online casinos that provide land based casino games but other online casinos provide games that are more in the realm of private: such as poker, sports betting and even bingo. Basically, online casinos have shown that they are willing to adapt to het the largest market and that is one of the advantages they have over land based casinos and thus, why they are doing so well. Staying in tune with online sports betting sites, it is also necessary to mention that the World Cup has generated millions of dollars in online casinos bets and the online casinos sports sites have taken over the land form playing of sports betting. In a survey done on the matter, figures showed that 70% of people would rather game online then in land based casinos. This means that all the games included in online casinos and in land based casinos are veered more popular in online casinos. It seems that online casinos are getting really popular.



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