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The Canadian Jackpot Incident

Online Casinos everywhere have been looking to Canada in order to understand what went wrong with their jackpot winnings. Two slots players in a Canadian casino won the jackpot but were unable to claim the reward because the casino said that a software error caused the slot machine to show something invalid. The jackpot was over $200,000 from a Keno machine that has a minimum bet of five cents. The issue is not whether or not these two players won the jackpot, but rather how much money they are entitled to. The screen read a number close to $200,000 while this casino software only allows for a $3000 win.

This was a hit for the Winnipeg based land casino but what is surprising is that online casinos are now struggling with the software problem that happened in a land-based casino. It appears that the word software seems to suggest online casinos but it is also factual that land based casinos use software and even software taken from certain online casinos. Despite this, many anti gambling groups are using this example to try to illustrate what can go wrong in online casinos and the focus seems to be on online casinos rather then on land based casinos which is where this event took place.

The two Canadian men have been said to have hired a lawyer in order to get their winnings and they argue that the casino participated in false advertising. They give the example of a consumer seeing a show with a price tag of $200 while the shoes cots $500, the consumer is still entitled to only pay $200. The attorney for the two casino players has stated that the two players should not be punished for something the casino needs to take responsibility of. On the other side of this debate is the argument that the casino has laws and warnings on slot machines that protects them from such cases. Online casinos are waiting for the decision as well.

This event has indeed sparked interest in Canadian casino players and it is said to set precedence for what the course of action will be if this event were to repeat itself. The online casinos industry is feeling the hit as well and it has been reported that online casinos are checking their own files and documents to see what their online casinos policy is on an event like this. In terms of online casinos players, this event has put some security questions on the table. Online casinos state that there is an even smaller chance that their software can lead to such a malfunction and they state that they are much better prepared with quality software. Online casinos software is said to be at a level that a malfunction of that sort would be hard to come by. Despite his, many online casinos have been making sure that their insurance covers them in the event that the Canadian episode happens in online casinos.



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