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Gamblers in the US under Pressure

The New York Times has suggested that the US officials are starting to get frustrated with the fact that citizens are gaming in online casinos despite the fact that it is an illegal activity in the United States. Citizens in the US have always gambled but as the World Cup has gotten US citizens visiting casinos sports betting sites more constantly, officials are realizing that something must be done. The topic of casinos is not new among US officials as bills have been attempted to be passed for the past four years to no avail. The US has decided to keep its conservative views o the topic of casinos and not allow the administration or the participation in casinos from US soil.
Canada, the US's neighbors have still not legalized casinos, but people think that they may be the next country that does. Canada is liberal in its views and this year it was also met with questions regarding casinos. As of right now, however, the answer is still negative when it comes to the legalizing of casinos in Canada.
The US is experiencing pressure this month as reports from online casinos researchers has shown that people bet over $10 million a year on sports betting and a big parentage of that is US players. Capitol Hill has just encountered some problems as those against US participation in online casinos matters have come to have their voices hears. Lobbyist group and anti-gambling groups have shown a deep disturbance by the concept of legalizing online casinos.
On the other side of Capitol Hill is the online casinos owners and supporters that think online casinos should be legalized as personal freedom is being taken away by the lack of online casinos. Lobbyists from this side say that gaming online is one of their fundamental freedoms and especially so because it is allowed in land based casinos. One man has been quoted as saying, "I can't understand why land based casinos are legal and online casinos are not. What is the logic?"
It is important to note that one of the other issues Capitol Hill will have to discuss in regards to the online casinos debates is the fact that despite its status of illegality, it is still being used in the US. Many US players have chosen to ignore the law forbidding online casinos gaming and continued to be active members in various online casinos sites.
As the Republican government takes more seats in office, online casinos supporters fear that the legalizing of online casinos is a far away bet. However, the influence of Canada may make an impact on the US and we will have to be alert to the actions of those two countries if we would like to understand what the future of US online casinos holds.
Another country that America legislators will look to for an example is Britain despite its more liberal views. The future of online casinos is in question.



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