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Online Gambling – Our Choice, Our Responsibility

With all the negative press that online casinos have been getting recently it is important to try and balance this situation with some constructive advice for gamers in online casinos.

Despite the laws in the United States that make online gambling illegal, America is still the biggest market for online casinos in the world and many there feel that America should take the same stance as the UK and make the pastime legal.

In the UK online casinos are regulated and therefore taxed and the British Minister for Sports and Gambling Richard Caborn was recently quoted as saying that "seventy four per cent of British adults have gambled. The vast majority of people want to drink and gamble, and as long as you do not abuse it, it can be an enhancement of the quality of life."

This liberal attitude may not wash in some areas of the States but the fact of the matter is that drinking and gambling should remain a choice that people can make of their own free will and not have the government decide how citizens' hard earned cash is spent.

Of course there are other elements to take into consideration such as addictive gambling and underage gambling and these problems need to be addressed but who should address it? Should Americans be denied making the choice of how to spend their money because of a small vulnerable section of society, or should we take responsibility to protect ourselves and our families?

What ever the outcome of the law concerning online casinos, Americans will always gamble whether in land based or online casinos and this can be a fun hobby as long as certain factors are taken into account.

The most important factor is of course money. Before you game in online casinos carefully work out your monthly budget and then decide on a portion is what is left over as a gambling allowance. Only gamble in online casinos with money set aside for entertainment purposes. Make sure you stick with this figure as it is easy to be swayed in online casinos.

Always set a time limit when gambling in online casinos. This will allow you to stop if you are losing or quit while you are ahead. It is important not to let gambling in online casinos encroach on time for other activities such as family time and leisure time out of doors this will help to keep online casinos addictions at bay.

Never gamble in online casinos when you are emotionally charged. It is important to gamble when you are level headed as this will keep you from making rash decisions.

Ultimately, reputable online casinos rely on us to be responsible gamers as we rely on them to be responsible operators, this is the only way the industry has a chance of promoting its image in the media. If we all shoulder the responsibility we can help those vulnerable and enjoy the perks of gambling online.



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