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Is the party finally over for online casinos?

When one of the top online casinos, based in Gibraltar, went public on the London Stock Exchange in June 2005 in one of the most ballyhooed initial stock offerings of the year, the shares soared, lifting the company's market value to more than $10 billion. A little more than a year later, however, the shares have slumped, bringing them roughly back to where they started. What is the future of online casinos?

“We are already seeing signs of successful online gambling brands separating themselves from the rest of the pack,” said Calvin Ayres, an online casinos mogul and recent cover star on Forbes Magazine.

Online casinos have enjoyed unbelievable growth on the Internet in recent years, and this explosive expansion has come with much scrutiny and has created quite the crowded marketplace. But the current state of online casinos is healthy and ripe with new developments and news. The industry is always exciting.

Many websites now cater to betting, and the poker craze that has hit online casinos shows no signs of slowing down. Continued consumer interest in sports gambling, with such high profile events as the Super Bowl, soccer’s World Cup, and the NCAA March Madness Tournament attracting bettors, online casinos continue to experience great times.

Despite the good news for online casinos, and the increased profits and buzz, new debates over the legality of online casinos and the morality of Internet gambling are underway. The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill that would curb Internet gambling and severely cripple the online casinos and the means by which consumers deposit and withdraw their money in the over $12 Billion dollar a year industry.

It is still currently against the law to operate online casinos within the United States, but while it may be illegal to operate the casinos inside US borders, this has not stopped millions of Americans from playing at online casinos and visiting these offshore gambling sites.

Many online casinos experts think that the U.S. must accept the regulation of these websites.

Online casinos create a fortune of revenue through high-class, start of the art technology and powerful imagery.

Is the party fading for the Internet gambling companies after several years of torrid growth?

Actually, many analysts say they see no sign of an end to the boom. Christiansen Capital Advisors, a U.S.-based consulting firm, says global online gambling revenue will rise to more than $24 billion by 2010 from $15 billion this year and $3 billion in 2001. Growth in Internet versions of casino games like roulette may have eased slightly, but poker is surging, and the World Cup soccer tournament is serving as a catalyst for online sports betting.

"The results remain strong, but there's some concern about the U.S. situation, where the status quo has been good" for Internet gambling companies, said Graham Clucas, a director in the media and entertainment practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, one of the top firms.



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