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Popular Online Gambling Bets

The popularity of making online gambling bets is going through the roof. Many online gambling sites are reporting record numbers of wagers on some of the most bizarre and amusing things.

There were many stories in the news over the summer of online gambling sites and sports betting websites of gamblers placing bets on the weather, especially hurricane season, and this trend attracted a lot of heat from the victims of hurricane Katrina. Gamblers were placing bets on the numbers of hurricanes that would hit in a specified time, the categories of the hurricanes that were likely to hit and so forth. Online gambling sites refused to take bets from gamblers that were directly related to human suffering. On the whole the betting was all good natured and even some hurricane victims joined in.

The World Cup soccer competition held in Germany in June and July saw record numbers of wagers being placed from all over the world. Bets were taken by online gambling sites from all sorts of perspectives. Educated gamblers studied the form of each team and tried to make predictions of the outcome of the world cup and uneducated gamblers made bets on how many red cards would be given, how many corner kicks and other random wagers.

Online gambling websites are reporting more and more business from viewers of reality T.V. shows. Websites were reporting record numbers of hits from gamblers placing bets on the new reality T.V. series "Dancing with the Stars". Online gambling sites were giving out the odds, despite the show being almost a month away from airing. Online gambling sites place the favourite Mario Lopez at 3 to 1 and the lowest odds go to T.V. show host Jerry Springer at 49 -1. Online gambling sites are taking wagers throughout the duration of the series.

Britney Spears is another favourite of the online gambling sites. She is a pretty big target for random bets such as how many children will she produce in the next couple of years, what sex they will be and wagers determining the length of her marriage and how long her husband will continue living in the basement..

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are another couple in the glare of the online gambling phenomenon. Online gambling sites are speculating whether their marriage is imminent after the birth of their child.

Some of the most intense wagering has been on the final of the reality show "Big Brother". One online gambling site reported over $1 million worth of action on the final alone. This figure competes with gambling on regular NFL games. Another online gambling site has reported over $10 million dollars worth of wagering over the entire summer series.

The favourite to win on Big Brother is Pete Bennett from Brighton, England who suffers from Tourette's syndrome. The odds that were being offered on Bennett to win were 1 – 3. Second favourite went to Aisleyne Wallace an argumentative Londoner with odds of 7 – 2.



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