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Blackjack tournament play

Anyone playing in online gambling tournaments have one goal – to win! The same applies also to blackjack whether it is online or in a casino. Yet, did you ever come to think that tournament blackjack is vastly different than playing with friends at the kitchen table? Therefore, learning to master the art of tournament blackjack is a highly attained skill that can be acquired if done precisely.

In introducing tournament play first things first – it is very basic. Blackjack bettors begin each round with 5,000 chips as they start out in the preliminary round.

It is the player who has been most successful with their chips after 25 hands who will advance to the blackjack semifinals. It is there that after another 25 rounds the same applies that whoever has the most chips after 25 rounds will have his chance to go for the pot at the finals table. Depending on how much the grand total is worth depends on how much the blackjack contender will win.

Sometimes getting to the final blackjack tables takes a few busts by fellow players when your cards are just hip and hopping flying high enough to edge their way into the finals. Keep your eye out and don’t be so quick to quit you might just be able to strut your way in to the final table.

Sometimes a winning blackjack table will not be exactly what you dreamed of, few have edged their way in with just 2,700 even if its half of what you began with.

It is common for blackjack tournament strategists to begin frugally, but what you end up finding out is that most refrain from that simply stated technique. Some usually start getting very aggressive and can bet up to 900 chips a hand, which some find very useful in the beginning stages of play. It pays out for some attempting to take the lead in tournament blackjack. Some who’ve done this have taken as up to a 4,000 chips lead in their blackjack play, which has been enough to keep their seat for the final round.

The strategy blackjack contenders find is that after this they start betting lower and other bet horrendous amounts to try and catch up. But, what ends up happening is the players lose more and even if the blackjack leader has all of a sudden taken a slump he still is not losing as much, perhaps even 100 chips – the bare minimum.

When you have such a huge blackjack lead you may be able to cruise your way to the end of the round, but don’t be surprise if harsh words from opponents become a regular routine.

There is one such strategy called the sabotage tactic, but in the long run it does not prove profitable. Some of the more discerning blackjack competitors know that this strategy will end up hurting more than helping, but it’s a psychological trick that will help you to do it right and win.



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