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How Can I Increase My Chances of Winning When Online Gambling?

Most of us visit casinos for the same reasons. We enjoy the feeling of escapism that casinos create and of course, we are drawn in by the prospect of winning a bit of money, and the fun element. For those of us who are rookies when it comes to online gambling we don't really know what the odds are of the games that we choose to play. By making a few simple educated choices we can increase our chances of winning greatly.

Most peoples only experience of gambling is on the state lottery and have never tried online gambling. We buy tickets for these lotteries because we are actively encouraged by the government to do so but do we really understand the numbers when we look at the odds of winning. The simple answer is no. A little research will show what the chances of winning are. To win the jackpot prize the odds are around 146,107,962.00 to 1. The odds of winning a measly $4 are 127 to 1.

When we look again at online gambling, it becomes clear that the odds are much better. For example online gambling with roulette, the odds of winning are 37 to 1 for the BEST pay out. If you want to go for the even money bet, that is betting on red or black, odd or even numbers etc you have a 50 – 50 chance of doubling your money. Online gambling doesn't seem so much of a gamble when you look at the statistics this way.

We can separate the games when online gambling into two groups: Beatable and unbeatable games. Games such as poker and black jack require a degree of skill to lower the house edge. Unbeatable online gambling games such as craps, keno and bingo mean that in the long run, the house wins.

When online gambling, pick a game such as black jack, which is relatively easy to play. Most online gambling websites will allow the player to practice playing in the free mode; this helps the player become accustomed to the rules and to hone their skills. Look for online gambling sites that offer the lowest number of decks possible. This will greatly increase your chances of winning and the best tip is to find yourself a strategy table on any online gambling related website which will help you make the right choices when playing.

Poker is really a game of skill so it is possible to increase your chances of winning. Find an online gambling site that offers the variation poker you prefer to play and again practice in the free mode.

When online gambling for fun, it is OK to play the slots as the odds are still generally better than lottery odds.

If we make the right choices, online gambling is not really a gamble at all, so long as we keep everything in moderation and remember that we are gambling for fun.



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