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Ohio Senator Tough on Casino Issue

The United States has always been motivated to end the industry of online casinos from taking over in the US. The reason for the US hostility is due to many reasons stemming from moral issues, safety issues as well as economic reasons. The United States feels that gambling brings crime and the land based casinos are easier to control then online casinos. Online casinos have had a history of having incidences relating to them such as suicides and robberies and the United States says that they are worried they will not be able to control the situation as it is harder to track online casinos then land based ones due to their nature and quantity.

The US Senator George Voinovich from Ohio states that gaming is problematic because of the addiction and lack of citizen safety it brings about. Supporters argue that online casinos cause gambling addiction far worse than land based casinos because intervention is harder to administer and gambling addicts to the online casinos may remain unnoticed. George Voinovich stated last Monday that he plans to really out up a fight about online casinos and in this indirectly reminds US citizens that gaming from online casinos in the US is forbidden. Voinovich feels that the disadvantages of gaming outweigh the advantages.

This comes at a time where the Ohio gambling supporters are planning to try to pass a law called Learn and Earn which allows gambling operators to have full freedom when it comes to building casinos and operating the casinos and especially the utilization of slot machines that are said to bring in over 2 billion dollars a year. Voinovich has put into question whether or not the citizens of Ohio will benefit from this economic prosperity or if it will only be a benefit for the gambling operators.

Online casinos lobbyists have tried to convince Ohio senator and many other senators around the US that online casinos can in fact generate more positive results then land based ones. So far, the argument I favor of online casinos is not as strong as it needs to be in order to produce legalized online casinos. As of right now it is illegal not only to open online casinos in the US but it is also illegal to game in online casinos from the US. This is a hard thing to control but law makers have said that this error due to online casino will be looked into at the next meeting about online casino. Online casino from all around the world have argues that the revenue online casinos generate, especially if they were to be run out of US soil would be in the multi billions. Despite the amount of money online casinos generates, the US is still not willing to be pro online gaming rooms anytime soon. The battle on this industry also includes the online poker rooms and online bingo halls as well and will target online sports betting soon.



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