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Online Casinos linked to Mafia?

One of the top online casinos once shared the same address, technical support and solicitor as a company linked to New York’s notorious Bonanno crime family.
The company was part of an illegal gambling ring that netted millions for the Bonannos, one of New York’s five Mafia families, according to US prosecutors. SDS shared an address, technical support and a solicitor based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, with the British online casinos firm.
The online casinos industry has been under scrutiny recently and much controversy. First, online casinos were weakened by a bill voted on by US politicians. Next, a top CEO in the online casinos industry was arrested. Third, online casinos saw share prices fall on the London Stock Exchange. What should online casinos do next? What can online casinos expect next? Will the online casinos industry rebound or is this the doomsday scenario for online casinos that some envisioned? While the answers are not clear yet, the online casinos industry remains in both the positive and negative light.
The firm that was linked to the mafia was based in Costa Rica, home of many online casinos and also a fugitive founder of one of the top online casinos, Gary Kaplan. Gambling sources believe the US authorities’ investigations into the mafia and other companies using Costa Rican-based firms to circumvent US laws may have triggered the prosecution of one of the world’s top online casinos.
In May 2005 36 people linked to the firm were indicted by the US authorities, charged with running an illegal gambling operation that netted $360m (£193m) over more than two years.
The indictment said Bonanno acting boss Anthony Urso, also known as Tony Green, allegedly received an unspecified monthly “tribute” from the gambling ring for protection.
Urso ran one of the most notorious crime gangs in America. In September last year he received a 20-year jail sentence for murder and racketeering.
Much of the money collected by the firm went through Costa Rica, home to a large number of online betting groups that target America, where online sports betting is largely
The internet casino is quoted in London, but has its operations in Costa Rica. David Carruthers, chief executive of the British company, was arrested by the FBI earlier this month when he changed planes at Dallas on his way from the UK to Costa Rica. Kaplan faces extradition from Costa Rica and is now wanted by the FBI. Carruthers was sacked last week.
Asked by a potential client what his company’s relationship with the internet casino was, Clark wrote: “As I have stated before, BOS and my companies are independently owned.
Along with space here at The Mall I get the benefit of tech support from BOS. Also, they maintain my internet capabilities, along with my website.”
Both of the firms have used the same solicitor, Leamington-based Ian Burr & Co. According to internet domain-name searches, Burr was described as “administrative contact” and “technical contact” for the sites.



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