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Misconceptions about the current state of online gambling

Unfortunately there have been many misconceptions about what is happening in the Internet gambling industry. We hope to clear three of the big ones with this short article.

Misconception: The US online gambling market is shrinking.

Lets face it folks, this is a very immature look on the current events. The online gambling market in the United States is not shrinking, if anything, it is expanding. The lack of supply to that market is what is shrinking. The players in the U.S. are still there, still eager to play at the online casino or sit at the online poker room. But the online casinos and poker rooms are the ones who are leaving the market. So, as long as there are companies providing the service - the market is there, and it is full blown. "The Internet" gets more and more popular each day, and it is normal that more and more people will turn to it as the new form of the old entertainment - gambling, games, music, video, etc. is drawing more and more towards the Internet as the preferred form of delivery. The U.S. gambling market is still there, and it will be there for a long time.

Misconception: Europe is the new "Mecca" for online gambling

I am sorry but it's not. There are exactly 3 countries that could be seen as major in the e-gambling industry and they are: the United Kingdom, France and Germany. And France and Germany have been really trying to follow the steps of the US Government and ban online gambling (which is already a fact in some German states), so they are quite a risky markets to be undertaken - in those countries it is better to assume that online gambling will be banned before it gets legalized. And the U.K. is so flooded with online gambling, there is hardly any room for newcomers, and let's not forget the fact that they have to compete with companies who have a long time established land-based presence. The rest of the European countries are not very prospective markets at all, besides for betting on soccer.
This misconception is usually asserted by online gambling programs which were forced to leave the U.S. market and are really just trying to survive.

Misconception: Asia is a bountiful market

Another one brought to you by the casinos who left the U.S. scene. From the countries in Asia, Japan is the only one which at presence could be considered a market, although a very undeveloped and overrated one. I don't see the Chinese gambling online any time soon, nor the rest of the countries in the region. This is probably a good place to bring up the point that it is very wrong to judge the potential of an online gambling market by the state of the offline one.

Misconception: Someone knows something about the future of the U.S. internet gambling

Nobody knows anything. Whatever has been said - it is all pure speculations. There are a few things which are sure, though. One is that the online gambling companies, which continued to service players from the United States after the UIGEA are not afraid of prosecution, and the ones who are leaving right now do it not from a legal point, but for the simple fact that they have no means of  processing the financial transactions from the U.S. based players. The other sure thing is that there always be a website which will accept players and bettors from the USA. More companies leave the USA, the bigger the piece of pie for the ones staying. The question is what clever method they will use to help people deposit and withdraw their money.




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