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Who said the Democrats will help the online gambling cause?

When the UIGEA was passed last November and forbid the banks and financial institutions from making any transactions to online gambling websites, many people in the industry blamed it on the Republicans. The same people claimed that the Democrats will change this law as soon as they came to power. Well, thanks to the banking sector, this may happen, but don't put the laurel leaf headband on the blue donkey yet.

Dems and Reps on online gamblingOur website goes beyond politics, because we all know what actually moves the lawmakers - the green stuff. Democrats or Republicans - it's all the same at the end of the day. And I am writing this article just to show that neither of the parties care much about what people think or what freedoms they have lost, when it comes to gambling online.

There is not much to say about the Republican party - we all know that representatives of that party were the creators and main supporters of the anti online gambling bill, passed last year.

But let's look at the Democrats using the latest Associated Press review of the campaign finance reports.

According to the data, California Democratic lawmakers, who will be introducing a massive expansion of Indian gambling in the state of California have received over $1.6 million in donations and contributions from the Indian tribes over the past few years. Those bills were killed last year, but they are being re-introduce with a majority of the sponsors being Democrats.

Two new Democratic senators elected last year with the help of $540,000 in contributions from Indian tribes will carry bills that would let those tribes more than triple the number slot machines they can operate all the way to 7,500. And many political analysts believe that the tribes turned to the Democrats after the Republicans did not managed to secure the similar bills last year in Congress.

And the question comes to mind - do you think that, with so much money being contributed to Democratic representatives, there would be enough political will to repeal the online gambling law? We all know that one of the main reasons for the bill to pass in the first place is the heavy lobbying from the land based casino industry, which is loosing millions in profits to the Internet gambling business. And now we see that they have shaken hands with the Democrats, as well.

So if there is no clause in the Congressman Barney Frank's future bill that would allow Indian tribes to operate online casinos, much like the online horse betting industry, would he find enough supporters among his colleagues to fight the anti-gambling bill?

Let's just hope that the banking sector, which has much more powerful lobby than the Indian tribes, would help Rep. Frank, instead of waiting for the regulations on UIGEA to come out in July and declare them impossible to implement.




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