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Forex - Currency Trading Online

Forex, which is an abbreviation of Foreign Currency Exchange, has been called by many the gambling of the world. The basics of Forex trading are simple - you buy a currency with the hope that this currency will become more valuable than another.

For example, you may buy British pounds with your US dollars in the hope that in the future the British pounds will be exchanged for more US dollars than you paid for them.

It's really simple, and it's a real gambling, because most of the fluctuations on the currency markets are as a result of rumors and speculations. So, even though a country might be doing extremely well, its currency may trade lower than supposed to, because of those speculations and financially unrelated events.

We do not recommend you trading currencies on your own, as it's a very complex market and it should always be left to the professionals. There are much better forms of gambling which involve much less risk for you.

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