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The $1,800 Super Bowl Hotdog - Oh, come on!

The shenanigans Golden Palace Casino keeps pulling out continue. This time it comes to show you how low our society could get, because spending such a sum of money on something which costs $0.99 is just plain ugly. Yes, Golden Palace Casino have bought a hotdog from the Super Bowl 40 for $1,800 on eBay. After they bought "the sandwich" and gave us "the pregnant woman ad-space", and "the god-fathering", and what not.

Sure, it's innovative style of advertising, and more people have heard of Golden Palace Casino than any other online casino, but all this does is creates a name recognition and turns the industry into a joke. I mean, come on, I wouldn't play at online casino which gives away sandwiches and promises trips into space (not for at least 20 more years). If they really want to do great in this business - why not give a $1,000,000.00 jackpot once a month and advertise that? You bet there would be a "flood" of people signing up at their casinos. Get back to the "naked-running-man-at-sports-events" advertising and quit with the dumb stuff!




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