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Legalize "it"

Last year almost 8 million Americans placed bets at the online casinos. And although the legislation is very unclear on how illegal online gambling is, the revenues of the online gaming ventures such as PartyGaming have the big shots at the offline gambling in the US scratching their heads and thinking of a way to cut a piece of the pay for themselves, too. Everybody in the industry knows that if the brick-and-mortar casinos attach their name to an online casino - the profits would be huge. And more and more online gaming lobbyists show up in the capital.

However, it will be a battle, as the opposes of online gambling are not giving up easy. Although the World Trade Organization ruled that the United States could not outlaw the offshore versions of the online gambling, how US will react is yet unknown. They have till April 3rd to comply with the WTO ruling, and we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Internet will stay the same and there would be no "Internet Government".




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