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Neteller Number One Payment Service Of Online Casinos

Neteller is a well-known online funds transfer service widely used by online casinos and other online companies. Gord Herman, Chief Executive Officer of Neteller, recently announced that on September 22 Neteller had welcomed their 2 millionth customer. This makes Neteller the most active banking service for all online casinos.

Neteller is providing secure online transactions, mostly for online casinos, since 1999. Nowadays it has customers in more than 150 countries all over the world and more than 450 employees. It works like some kind of e-wallet, customers of Neteller can transfer to and from online casinos at any given moment or transfer to and from other Neteller customers. It is necessary to register with Neteller to be able to use their services. After registering, customers wait for approval of their account and than they can start using their Neteller account. Many online casinos offer links to the Neteller website on their own site. In 2004, Neteller processed over $3.4 billion in transactions.

Originally, Neteller was launched to fill the gap that Paypal had left behind, after Paypal decided not to work with online casinos any longer. Today, Neteller has grown to be one of the most important business partners of online casinos, leaving the memory of Paypal far behind.

After the announcement of the 2 millionth customer of Neteller, Herman added that Neteller achieved this milestone within a year of signing up their one-millionth customer of one of the online casinos. This makes it perfectly clear, that as much as online casinos are depending on Neteller to provide their banking service, Neteller is depending on online casinos just as much, for providing them with customers.

Neteller is trying to make online payments as easy and safe as possible. Many customers still find paying on the internet hazardous business. Neteller is trying to show everyone that its method of payment is a 100% secure. To explain future and existing customers the way Neteller works and answer any questions customers might have, Neteller has an online support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recently Neteller launched "live-chat", widely used by online casinos, which makes it possible to ask questions through "chatting" with the support team.

Herman also announced that the Director and Executive Vice President of Neteller, Dale Johnson will continue the work of Neteller of Benjamin Lee in Asia, Vice President and General Manager on an interim basis. At the moment, Neteller has made the Asian Market top priority, mainly because of the rapid growth of internet users in Asia and the growing use of online casinos by Asian customers.

The goal of Neteller is to become the dominant global online money transfer service and in the pace they are growing right now, this goal seems to be very close. Over 1,700 online casinos accept payments through the Neteller system. It is safe to say that without the banking service of Neteller, online casinos couldn't exist.



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