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United States to Respond to the WTO in Online Casinos Case

British online casinos companies are at present point of views to the European Commission to call off the Italian powers that be that issued a new ban on using offshore online casinos. The Remote Gambling Association (RGA), which are a symbol of gambling concern and interests for online casinos, is supposedly searching legal advice after the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance a moment ago take on a law saying they will fine all local Internet Service Providers (ISP) that permit admittance to gaming online casinos sites operated outside of the country.

Beneath the Italian Finance Act 2006, in use since January, Italian ISPs would be fined up to in the region of $210,000 each time they permit a gambler to play at online casinos. To make sure the efficiency of this new law, which was supposedly instituted to eliminate foreign competition, many decrees were passed earlier this month, stating that, starting February 24th, local ISP's must prohibit right of entry to as many as 500 online casinos.

On the other hand, European Commission laws allow governments to put a ceiling on cross-border services on ethical grounds, Italy is not permitted to outlaw access to foreign online casinos just because it worries about competition. In addition, the RGA has asked the EC to nullify these restrictions, as it argues that Italian consumers would otherwise endure from reduced rivalry in the online casinos gaming industry. A representative for the RGA was reported as stating that the involvement is expected to mull over its options towards the end of February.

This has been the first of many qualms, online casinos have endured recently. Many governments would like to ban online casinos but are having trouble determining exactly the stipulations would be and how the laws would be enforced. A recent bill has been introduced to the federal American government trying to ban online casinos and the people are waiting to see if this bill will pass or be denied again. The Italian government is the first to put strong stipulations into practice for banning outside online casinos. Now, online casinos are waiting to see if this ruling will actually be enforced or not. In the United States there are many online casinos that are used in many states that have it stated that it is illegal to gamble at online casinos. The authorities have no way of tracking or prosecuting the patrons of internet casinos until the federal court does something about it.

Casinos have always been getting the slack of criticisms and the internet has expanded the worry of many. People fear that the lack of control will show through the playing and people will not know when to stop playing online. Italy has been one of the first to be able to stop internet gaming that is situated outside Italy. Italy fights the competition, while America fights the game itself. Casinos have a long haul in order to fight for their situation and their place in society. Will they win?




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