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UK Legislation means no credit card use in online casinos

The Gambling Act 2005 has made online casinos legal in the United Kingdom. The UK is now a virtual Mecca of online casinos. Although the new legislation has made the industry commercially viable in the UK, it comes with strict regulations and controls to avoid problem and under age gambling and one of the big threats; fraud.

Online Casinos have to work alongside the Gambling commission to prevent credit card fraud and in addition, the financial industry is taking its own steps that may cause UK gamblers to rethink their online payment preferences. New banking regulations have made using credit cards in online casinos far more problematic, and this is a method that has always come with problems. Credit card transactions in online casinos will now be viewed as ATM transactions and credit payments will no longer be afforded to those using their credit cards in online casinos

There are many options available to people who use online casinos. Reputable casinos offer a range of alternative online payment methods and even offer bonuses to those who utilize them. This is a convenient way around the credit card issue, as people can transfer money from their credit cards into their online payment accounts, these credit card payments will be regular and card holders will have their usual credit facilities afforded to them for these payments. Online casinos encourage the use of reputable online payment methods such as wire transfer and NETELLER. Online casinos have faced many issues with accepting credit card payments. Even though credit card payments at online casinos are made on secure and encrypted sites, there is no such thing as a totally safe online credit card transaction. Where there is money being paid there are criminals and sophisticated hackers ready to steal your information and your cash, online casinos are a prime target for such criminals. The less moral patrons of online casinos have also been known to use credit cards for the purposes of money laundering and other means of fraud.

Online casinos have overcome this issue by forming strategic partnerships with online payment services that facilitate fast, secure and anonymous online money transfer. These services offer ease of use and do not come with the intrusive credit checks and questioning that the banks require. Online casinos prefer to forgo the responsibility of being party to fraudulent acts, with these services your identity is never revealed to them and the security is down to the experts in companies such as NETELLER. For any online payments it is strongly recommended to open one of these accounts as you are guaranteed that no online vendor will ever have access to your personal details.

The Gambling Act 2005 is a landmark case study of how gambling can work as a useful addition to countries revenues, however, the stigma attached has to be dealt with and transferring from credit card payments to money transfer is a step in the right direction.




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