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Change in US Political Stance Raises Online Casinos Stocks

The London Stock Exchange saw a rise in online casinos share prices this week, following a volatile period. This upward surge is attributed to the American Gaming Association taking a more relaxed view to the proposed US legislation on online casinos in the U.S. The AGA have been set against the legalization of any form of online casinos until now, However, they have now called for an investigation into the possible effects of legalization following a WTO ruling that a ban on offshore online casinos would be illegal. The online gaming industry has high hopes that this report will benefit their future in the United States.

Having realized that an all out ban would be illegal and violation of civil rights, the government has started to assess the benefits of a regulated online casinos industry.

The U.S ban was never a massive threat to the industry as it was always unrealistic, however it did reduce investor confidence. Share prices have reflected the wise decision of the AGA to reconsider their decision. Online casinos are now looking forward to a period of growth.

The U.S is the most important market in the online casinos world. An affluent and large population with a national tradition of gambling is a he asset to online casinos and they would suffer to lose that market to puritanical policies.

The threat was unrealistic; however the Senate gave online casinos a shake by causing potential investors to be prudent in their assessment of the industry. The idea of an all out ban was an abomination to many American citizens who felt robbed of their civil liberties. There could have been a huge out cry; not only from online casinos patrons but from all Americans that fell they have the right to spend their disposable income as they choose. The great democracy that is The U.S. would have been very embarrassed by introducing a policy that is more congruent with countries such as China that believe in an opposite Political philosophy.

The online casinos industry exists and it is prudent of the AGA to recognize the industry and its popularity in the United States. A regulated, responsible industry is preferable to sending it underground into the hands of organized crime; the whole thing stinks of prohibition. Favorable legislation for online casinos in the U.S could have the industry set for one of the biggest booms in history, so watch out for companies like PlayTech that are climbing the London Stock Market, ready to explode.

I am sure that many members of the Republican right wing would love to serve their puritanical purposes by imposing an all out ban on online casinos, however, this would be irresponsible and would rob the country of millions, even billions of dollars in tax revenue. This would effect all U.S. citizens, ask the poor and the handicapped if they would prefer to have increase public benefits and health care or a puritanical, dictatorial regime.



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