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UK Online Casinos to Adopt Addict Verification System

With all the anti online casinos stories in the news it is encouraging to see that the online casinos industry is taking steps in the right direction to show the anti gambling lobbyists that they are making efforts to protect gamers in online casinos.

On June 20th one of the largest Identification Verification Systems Providers announced that they will launch a web based Global Self Exclusion Database (GSED). This database protects gambling addicts from their habits and quells the temptation to gamble in online casinos.

The service works by preventing any individual whose name appears on the database list from logging on and opening an account with participating online casinos. If the user changes their mind about registering themselves on the strictly confidential opt in list, they have a cooling off period of seven days to change their mind and remove their name from the register. The problem gambler can select a period of time that they wish to be excluded for. This varies from a one year, to a five year, through to a lifetime ban. The gambler will not be able to remove their name from the list and gamble in online casinos until their selected time frame has expired.

Statistics have shown that approximately 80% of online casinos licensed in the UK use this Identification Verification System from the large Washington D.C. based company. The parent company is backed by Rupert Murdoch and specializes in voter registration databases.

The new GSED system was created in conjunction with the UK based National Council on Problem Gambling, and the way it works is as follows; when the gambler attempts to log on to specific online casinos their identification details are sent to a central computer that gives authorisation codes to the online casinos. If this particular player has registered themselves on the problem gambler register or for other reasons such as underage access, false identification details, criminal record, national watch list or other markers the access code will be denied and gaming in the online casinos is denied.

The system allows gamblers who feel they are vulnerable, to register with this database to protect themselves from logging on to online casinos. Currently there are facilities for compulsive gamblers but these facilities are not centrally managed. Most of the responsible online casinos have their own databases that have compiled lists of problem gamblers.

It is expected that the new technology will be adopted by all the online casinos that display the eCOGRA "play it safe" seal.

This technology has come in conjunction with a new ruling in Illinois that requires the states nine casinos (not online casinos) to adopt a similar database. In these casinos the gamblers identification card will be swiped and if it shows that they are self banned addicts, they will be denied access. If the player is in the casino and caught gambling it is up to the manager's discretion as to whether the player should be prosecuted.




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