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Call for Online Casinos to Cap Limits

In the UK at the moment as in the US there is a debate raging concerning online casinos.

A British Member of Parliament wants credit card companies to put a limit on the amount of money that can be gambled in online casinos.

Mike Weir of the Scottish National Party wants a cap of no more than £1,000, approximately $1,850 US per player to be spent in online casinos on a weekly basis. He is also calling for online casinos to only allow one credit card per player.

This proposal follows the case of a 25 year old Scottish man who stole 13 of his parent's credit cards and lost £158,000 ($290,000 US) in less than one hour.

APACS who represent the credit card industry and also several online casinos feel that this proposal will not solve the problem and get to the root of the issue.

Another issue has been raised, over the wisdom of credit card companies allowing borrowing levels to be raised so high, with no thorough checks being carried out.

Many lawyers are seeing more and more cases of bankruptcies that have arisen from gambling in online casinos.

There are experts who believe that gambling addiction is a social issue that should be dealt with much the same as an alcoholic would be dealt with. The core of the issue is to deal with the individuals' addiction rather than limit everybody's access to it.

It is estimated that the number of individual gamblers using online casinos in the UK will grow by 22% in the next year.

There has also been much criticism over the tactics of the online casinos to lure new gamblers in. These online casinos are aggressively marketed to appeal to younger players who are drawn in by glamour. Many online poker websites use celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Sarah Jessica Parker to promote online poker.

Doctors are warning of an explosion of severe gambling addictions in the UK due to the new super casinos being built and online casinos being so easily accessible. This topical issue was brought in to question at the British Medical Associations annual conference and warned that there are few support networks in place to deal with gambling addiction.

The average debt in online casinos in the UK is £25,000.

The gaming industry pays £3 million a year into a trust in the UK to deal with the problems of gambling addiction. The British Medical Association is calling for more money to be ploughed into research for the prevention of gambling addictions and make treatment widely accessible to all those who need help and lobbyists are calling for strict controls of the online casinos.

Across the Atlantic, the US is trying to amend the laws in place to ban online casinos completely. Currently it is illegal to run an online casino in the US but gamblers use online casinos as there are loopholes in the current US law in place.




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