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Online Casinos Theft in the Millions

Anti online casinos lobbyists have found another reason to show what the problem is with online casinos gambling. A report released regarding a casino employees theft has made these anti gaming groups have a field day. The Daily Telegraph in England just reported that a young man who suffered from gambling addition has just been arrested for stealing over one million pounds from his company of employment. The company that was stolen from has reported that it had to get rid of staff as a result of the theft that has left them in deep financial trouble considering they were a small, starting company.
Bryan Benjafield is the employee that has been accused with the theft and the motivation for the crime, he says, was to pay for more gambling in online casinos. Benjafield is arguing that his addiction to gambling has left him unable to think about anything else and willing to do anything to support the habit.
Benjafield is 23 years old and he had been working for this company for the past year as an account manager. The average salary that this man was making was less then twenty thousand pounds a year. He spent all that money gaming in online casinos and thus, decided to steal from the company in order to feed the habit.
Benjafield's position is one that has been employed often in the United Kingdom. Basically, an account manager is able to be the support staff for online casinos players and they often have access to finances but are always checked up on my a senior manager. In this case, Benjafield took the money from the VAT budget and spent it all on online casinos. It is said that Benjafield spent thousands of pounds everyday while at work gaming in online casinos that feature sports betting and online casinos internationally. This only came into light when taxes were to be checked at this UK company.
Online casinos everywhere have always been wary of internal theft but many manage this by not allowing staff other then senior managers access to online casinos accounts. Online casinos can not control for where the money is coming from and so the company must be wary themselves. Online casinos everywhere have looked into their own staff after this incident to see if there is some unnoticed internal theft going on. Online casinos have become such a huge industry these days that they need to start investing money in preventing huge theft.
This case has also been an example of the addiction problems that can come out of too much gaming in online casinos or land based casinos. There are support groups and people to talk to in the event that one can not stop gaming and this is an important thing to do. Those in that situation are urged to get help as soon as possible in their local community. Every city has some type of support program for people in need.




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