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Panel Up for Debate on Casinos in the US

The referendum in Rhode Island has released its result and many people are disappointed with the announcement that law makers have made. The referendum that was only supposed to address the issue of online casinos and the fact that online casinos are illegal in the United States, ended up discussing the issue of land based casinos as well. The issue with land based casinos that the casino felt was important to address was whether or not constitutional rights have been infringed on by allowing a reserve in Warwick to run their own casino. The final decision of the referendum was that West Warwick could not operate its own casino because it would allow the town to govern its own casinos which is not allowed in the United States.
Canada is a different example in which towns like Niagara or Native reserves are allowed to operate their own casinos as long as the federal government still has preceding rights. This has worked well in Canada and the US was getting together in the referendum to ask themselves if they could follow the same suit as Canada.
Big names associated with this referendum include Carcieri and Lynch who were the operators and speaking voices of the referendum. Their decision to not allow casinos to be operated privately in Native reserves has been met with some hostility from the local citizens as this would have allowed them autonomy as well as revenue.
The next referendum about this topic will be the one involving online casinos. Native reserves are said to be interested in allowing online casinos to operate from their land. Ad of right now, online casinos operate out of Antigua and Bahamas and the small towns in the United States think that by allowing them to operate out of the small towns, there will be many benefits. To this date, no referendum has allowed the establishment of online casinos out of the United States or Canada and referendums happen monthly with lobbyists who state that not allowing online casinos to be operated is an infringement on freedom. Online casinos are a big money business and the countries that have allowed them to operate have gained revenue in the years that they are operating the online casinos. Online casinos generate billions of dollars yearly including online casinos sports betting sites and online casinos style bingo and poker rooms. In an industry that is expanding and making so much money so quickly, it is only natural that cities and people want a piece of the cake. However, there are those that feel that online casinos brings about crime and addiction and would rather not have that type of revenue being operated from their towns. It seems that the issue of online casinos is a controversial one where people have very differing opinions on the matter. Online casinos is a growing industry and this will be a topic for law makers over the next few years.





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