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Canadian Casino Software Company Gets New CEO

Real time is what people are looking for in online casinos. This ability for real time allows people to get their deposits validated and withdraw their winnings at the same time that it actually takes place. There was a time when online casinos players had to wait for deposits and withdrawals to go through and it could have taken a matter of days. New technological solutions have allowed for this to be taken care of as no software existing in almost every online casinos supports real time playing.
In Waterloo, Canada one of the biggest software solution companies for real time playing has just claimed that they have hired a new Chief Executive Officer that is said to take the concept of real time playing in the near future.
The new CEO, David Brennan is extremely experienced and is said to want to hit the biggest revenue generating online casinos. Online casinos everywhere are excited about this new addition to real time gaming that can change the face of online casinos again.
Live Hive Systems, the company that Brennan will be working for is one of the leading software providers in the online casinos industry. Most of the popular online casinos have already signed up with Live Hive Systems and it is common that people will not even know if they are part of Live Hive Systems because it works in collaboration with fair gaming software companies and technological online casinos companies like Playtech.
In addition, Canada has had some problems in the past year in regards to what online casinos related companies can be run in the country. After many legislations have been passed and lobbyists have presented both sides, Canada has decided for now that no online casinos can operate out of Canada but companies related to the industry such as software companies, online banking companies and advertising companies can exist within the country.
It is said that the United States is having a talked about legislation this week in regards to their opinion on online casinos. They are generally more conservative then Canada and are said to have a harder time with allowing companies to generate money from things related to the online casinos industry. The general idea in the United States is that land based casinos are enough and that there is absolutely no need for online casinos to exist. Online casino are also harder to control then land based casinos and the United States feel like they will not like the idea of not being in control of such a controversial industry. It must not be forgotten that there are very strong opinions on both sides of the matter when it comes to online casinos.
The issue of casinos is extremely important as many lives can be affected by the results that are around it. There is also very strong opinions associated with online games and all voices want to be heard when it comes to this matter.




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