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Nevada Revenue Down as a Result of the Online Industry?

Nevada has been experiencing a drop in tourism in the past few years as a result of the popularity of online casinos. Data on the amount of visitors that have come in the past few years has shown that this year is the weakest year to date. Many people have not felt comfortable attributing the amount of Las Vegas visitors or lack there of with the success of online casinos. They have tried to pinpoint it on the extremely high gas prices that have been in effect since early this year.
The lack of visitors to Las Vegas especially in the summer months starting from May until September has really bothered investors in Las Vegas because it has scared them into thinking that the hotels and casinos will not be able to meet the quota that they need annually and generally generate on New Years and in the summer months. People at first thought that because of the political situation that ahs made fuel so high, people were not as apt to driving cross country all the way to Las Vegas from central part of the States or the East Coast.
According to the California-Nevada border vehicle count, percentages have dropped this year by 0.4% as a result of the success of online casinos and the lack of conventions that Las Vegas has hosted recently. Conventioneers whom are the regulars that attend conventions did not end up coming this year and that has been attributed to the attendance they have made for online casinos conventions rather then land based casinos.
The online casinos industry has become so popular this year that a lot of people are feeling the effects.
Some conventions themselves have displayed problematic things as they have moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
This does not have anything to do with the success of online casinos but rather with real estate issues. Las Vegas really needs some competitive marketing to get the online casinos players to come out. Online casinos have been said to be so successful because they have big promotions that are only available in online casinos. Online Casinos are in competition with each other but not necessarily with land based casinos because the online casinos industry is much stronger.
Online casinos have also found great befit in making their online casinos have many of the same characteristics as online casinos. Online casino often even use themes that have existed in Las Vegas' major casinos and have fund that this effect is really liked by the online casino players.
Next year, Las Vegas is said to be putting together really innovative shows and the like in an attempt to get their clientele back from online casinos. There has also been some talk about bringing together online casino and Las Vegas land casinos. News reports are said to be released later this week with exact figures for Las Vegas drops this year in gaming tourism.




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