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Japan Looking to Legalize Gambling and Online Casinos

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan has opened lines of communication between itself and global gaming companies to discuss the gambling situation and online casinos in Japan.

Currently, many forms of gambling are banned in Japan, there are no land based casinos and no online casinos operated out of Japan, although the Japanese are one of the biggest markets for online casinos.

The Japanese government has already begun talks with some of the world's biggest casino groups about the possibility of opening the casino market and online casinos market after 2010.

The population of Japan stands at over 128 million and many ordinary Japanese spend money in large quantities. The government hope that by legalizing land based casinos and online casinos extra revenue will be generated and their flagging tourist industry will be boosted. The horse racing and the lottery are legal in Japan but these businesses do not bring in so much cash. The Japanese also bet on motorboat and motorbike racing and these businesses are in need of revitalizing.

The closest business Japan operates to any kind of gaming industry is Pachinko Parlours. These parlours allow gamers to win small prizes in the form of trinkets which they can then redeem in a building next door.

Casino operators are looking to Japan, as Japan has the highest gross domestic product in Asia. The gross domestic product per capita of Japan exceeds that of the United States.

Both Singapore and Macau have experienced jumps in revenue after major casino operators opened resorts there and online casinos were introduced. With low cost airline tickets and a booming tourist industry this has only added to the revenue.

The casino industry believes that Japan has all the traits to make gambling and online casinos a success. The government is responsible, a very large population, who are constantly looking for other forms of entertainment and the population is also relatively wealthy.

The general consensus to legalize casinos and online casinos in Japan is good although the legal legislative process is very slow. Many are concerned with problems associated with gambling and online casinos such as fraud and mafia crimes. The industry is looking into ways to help the Japanese government overcome these potential problems.

Although Japan has come up against any serious obstacles, many groups are opposing casinos and especially online casinos, arguing that online casinos will add to the problems of underage and addictive gambling.

The government has made a statement saying that the online casinos industry will be strictly controlled and more vulnerable groups will be targeted.

It is hoped that with the legalization of casinos and online casinos in Japan, this will pave the way for other countries in Asia where gambling and casinos are banned.

China is an enormous untapped market and judging by the legislation in that country it is likely to remain that way. The Chinese government is taking steps to make sure that online casinos stay illegal.




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