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Experts Say Online Casinos Bill Unlikely to Pass

The controversial bill that will ultimately ban online casinos and gambling on the internet is unlikely to pass in the Senate some experts say.

Sources from with in the Senate say that the bill is too full of holes to pass and only before certain changes are made can the bill be considered seriously. The bill has run into opposition from lobbyists and trade groups from the online casinos industry. Even some Republican backers are agreeing that there are major amendments that need to be made to the bill before it stands a chance of passing.

The online casinos industry also contributes hugely to some congressional campaigns and this is likely ruffle a few feathers within the ranks of the Senate.

The bill is intended to ban all forms of online casinos and also to make the financial transactions between banks and credit card companies and the online casinos illegal. The bill is also needed to update the 1961 Federal Wire Act, which prohibits wagers to be made over state lines using telecommunications systems.

Strangely though, the bill is designed to ban gambling in online casinos but not to ban internet lotteries and internet horse wagering. This point is being argued as inconsistent by those who are against the bill as well as those who are for the bill.

Any member who has reservations about any bill to be passed in the Senate is free to put what is called a 'secret hold' on legislation which means that the online casinos bill will not be voted on before all the creases are ironed out.

The bill which is backed by the Republicans has been seen as an attempt to win votes from the conservative party base in the elections.

With the summer break fast approaching it doesn't look likely that the problems of the online casinos bill will be resolved. One source said that the bill was not at the top of the list of priorities and the possibility of the problems of the bill being resolved before the August recess were very slim. It is possible for the online casinos bill to be discussed and resolved when the Senate reconvenes in September but then this will limit the time frame that members of Congress have to return to their constituencies to begin campaigning for the elections.

To date the online casinos and land based gambling industries have given over $6.4million to Federal candidates.

Backers of the online casinos bill are hoping that the problems will be resolved quickly after the arrest online casinos boss David Carruthers, who was arrested on charges of conspiracy and racketeering. If the online casinos bill isn't resolved before September then it may not be discussed again until December when the Senate returns after the elections.

The online casinos industry generates over $12 billion (US) per year and the number is steadily rising. Over half of that figure can be attributed to gamblers in the United States.




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