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Popularity of Bingo and Keno in Online Casinos Rising

As online casinos become more popular the world over and high speed internet connections have become available to a wider population, online casinos are available to gamble in, in the farthest corners of the globe. People can be found merrily gambling away, from Siberia to Timbuktu.

Not only has the popularity of online casinos expanded in geographical terms. A broader spectrum of society is gaming on a regular basis. Online casinos are not just the domain of the young who seem to have grown up in front of a computer.

As we have seen in recent years, games such as poker have had their profiles raised considerably; youngsters have been practicing their poker skills in online casinos in an attempt to try and learn the game and make some money. Many of the poker champions around today honed their skills in online casinos.

This rise in skill based games is very apparent but what about those games that don't have such a high profile?

Games such as bingo and keno surprisingly have also become hugely popular. Bingo and keno are finding their place in the online casinos for more unfortunate reasons.

There was a time when bingo and keno was played in every town the world over but due to changing times the local bingo and keno halls are closing down. These small community bingo halls can no longer compete with big money lottery competitions and jackpots from local casinos. Also, smoking bans have been introduced to bingo halls in America and the UK and the numbers have been dwindling ever since.

Online casinos have been in business since the late 90's but their clientele was limited. It is only in recent years that online casinos have had more of a general appeal. Surveys taken in online casinos show there is a growing number of people playing games like bingo and keno and this has started a new trend. These games used to be reserved for the blue rinse brigade – elderly women whiling away the hours in retirement homes. The facelift these games have undergone are astounding.

Bingo and Keno have whole websites dedicated to them and chat rooms have been spawned where people meet and cheer each other along. Online casinos employ staff in the bingo and keno rooms called chat monitors and it's these people's jobs to jolly up the atmosphere and make the place as welcoming as possible.

Many bingo and keno players in online casinos don't even actively play the game. They click on the auto daub option and the computer marks off the numbers as and when they are 'called'. This allows gamers the freedom to chat to other gamers in online casinos.

Bingo and keno have spawned a new generation of gamers in online casinos because of the friendly and easy atmosphere. Even though the jackpots are more limited people want to play because of the warm and welcoming environment and friendships that are forged.




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