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International Celebrities to be a Big Part of WSOP 2006

Online casino marketing companies have found the benefits of including celebrities to their marketing list. Stars such as Dennis Rodman have been seen connected to major online casinos and it seems that bringing in celebrities for marketing purposes has done well for many online casinos. Poker has realized the benefit of this and added Brian McFadden to the list of poker celebrities that will be attending the World Series of Poker 2006. Brian McFadden is turning semi professional and will be a big hit in the championship that is said to be the biggest event in poker's history. The WSOP takes place every year but because of the popularity of poker, this year is said to be the strongest. Many people are gaming in online casinos not for the bonuses they offer but for the chance to enter the WSOP.
Celebrities have joined the poker world with such things as the music awards that took place in Las Vegas. It seems that there is more room for celebrities in land based casino marketing then in online casinos marketing but the WSOP's connection this year to online casinos may change that. Las Vegas has always known the benefit of using celebrities to get people coming to the WSOP and this year is no exception. The WSOP is being held in the Reno Casino in Las Vegas this year and thousands of tickets have been sold for the event. Brian McFadden has definitely attracted people to come as he is a much known signer selling millions of copies of his solo album and you may know him as part of the boy band West Life.
Online casinos have also been said to bid and try to win Mr. McFadden over to represent their specific online casinos but as of right now this singer only wants to be part of the WSOP. Online casinos have also been said to have asked Pamela Anderson and many models from Victoria Secret to act as promoters of their online casinos but as of right now none of these celebrities have agreed. Dennis Rodman of course has done his thing with online casinos for quite some time and people are curious who the next controversial celebrity will be to represent online casinos. The use of celebrities in online casinos can generate this already huge business into something even bigger. Online casinos are notorious for using huge marketing and people everywhere are excited to see what online casino will do next.
The interest in marketing that online casinos have is the fact that it has done so much for the online casinos that have been using it since they were established. The financial benefits of such a thing are huge in numbers and people have obviously responded to celebrity advertising in different industries. Statistics will show what it has meant for the different units of the gaming industry including casino, poker and bingo as well as sports betting.




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