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Ireland Debates Status of Online Gaming

As Ireland has become popular for more lenient gaming laws in regards to online casinos, a decision last week has changed the status. Ireland was the proposed next country to allow online casinos to be established and utilized because of more lenient gaming methods. Decisions made last week about the illegality of online casinos has changed that proposal. The Dublin Sunday Post has reported that Ireland's minister of finance, Mr. Brian Cowen, tried to present the case for online casinos in Ireland and how legalizing these casinos would allow Ireland to have European market power and thus, much revenue. However, the critics of online casinos used the opportunity to voice the other side of the debate as they felt that the disadvantages of legalizing online casinos outweigh the advantages.
The justice minister of Ireland, Michael McDowell opposed Brian Cowen as he argued that not all Irish citizens are comfortable with the idea of legalizing online casinos. He reminded listeners that online casinos are an act of gambling that is far harder to regulate and control then land based casinos. Michael Dublin's associated ministers put a lot of pressure on him to represent the negative side to legalizing online casinos and to explain to the finance minister that Ireland is not in favor of such laws. This was a difficult task as Brian Cowen had spent some time preparing discussions for why online casino could be beneficial. The debate pursued with the fate of Ireland discussed many times over.
Cowen also presented the fact that despite the fact that online casino sites are illegal, private companies still operated them out of Ireland against the 1950's Irish Act that said they can not. Cowen's argument was that because independent companies are operating online casinos out of Ireland, the government would benefit from regulating it and thus, being able to tax it. Unless the act that forbids online casinos from being established in Ireland is dismissed then the government can not do anything to financially gain from the online casinos operating illegally out of Ireland.
In addition, Cowen also said that in terms of economics for Ireland, online casino sites may be able to get the country out of some debt as well as provide more economic revenue for the country. Cowen also warned that despite the status of online casinos in Ireland being illegal, there is no action taken against private companies from operating online casino sites out of Ireland and thus, the law is futile and makes it impossible for Ireland to benefit financially from online casino sites and the industry they come from.
Online casinos are generally illegal all over Europe despite talks in the United Kingdom about the same topic. Online casinos remain in the illegal status they have been for almost ten years and there does not seem to be much room to change that anytime soon. The debates remain in progress this week with final results not promised for the summer. 

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