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Online casinos target Asian Market

Online casinos have enjoyed unbelievable growth on the Internet in recent years, and this explosive expansion has come with much scrutiny and has created an incredibly crowded marketplace, as online casinos spring up left and right. But the current state of online casinos is healthy and ripe with new developments and news. The industry is always exciting despite mainstream society’s recent reservations.

The latest research on online casinos shows that there are still substantial growth opportunities in the online casinos industry in months and years to come. The potential growth of online casinos is great because of the Asian market.

New studies study estimated that worldwide online casinos and gambling revenues were $11 billion in 2005, up from about $8.5 billion in 2004. Online casinos should get even bigger and better, as more in Asia begin to play. After all, like online casinos, land based casinos have targeted the Asian market for a long time.

So have the mass media and the common man or common woman in Asia embraced the legitimacy of online casinos due to these great revenues and the industry’s increasing popularity? Only time will tell. If online casinos are as popular with the Asian market as land based casinos, then the online casinos industry will be strong.
Asian customers are aggressively being courted by online casinos and land based casinos around the country.
Every day, Foxwoods and nearby rival Mohegan Sun combined send more than 100 buses to predominantly Asian neighborhoods in Boston and New York. The number of buses doubles on Chinese New Year, and on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Foxwoods, the biggest casino in the world based on gambling floor space, estimates that at least one-third of its 40,000 customers per day are Asian. Mohegan Sun says Asian spending makes up a fifth of its business and has increased 12 percent during the first half of this year alone.
The number of Asians in the United States increased by 17 percent between 2000 and 2004, the fastest growth of any ethnic group during that period, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And few industries have catered to the Asian boom with as much cultural competency as the $75 billion U.S. gaming industry.
In 2000, Foxwoods, which is run by the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, hired a vice president specifically in charge of Asian marketing. In 2005, Mohegan Sun, owned by the Mohegan tribe, hired an international marketing executive who would target the Asian demographic.
"Our Asian blood loves to feel the luck," said Ernie Wu, director of Asian marketing at Foxwoods. "We call it entertainment, we don't say it's 'gambling.'"
The two casinos target Asian customers with ads in ethnic media and sponsoring community activities such as the Boston Dragon Boat Festival, the Toronto Asian Beauty Pageant, and the Southeast Asian Water Festival in Lowell, Mass.
Online casinos look to expand to Asia and, like their land based counter-parts, continue the great gaming surge of 2006 and for years to come. 

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