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King Plays Online Casinos

Many websites now cater to betting, and the poker craze that has hit online casinos shows no signs of slowing down. This good buzz for online casinos is now enticing land based casinos, who have watched the fortunes of online casinos soar fivefold in as many years. Will online casinos continue this unbelievable growth? No one is sure for certain, but casino executives are excited, and with good reason.
A gambling industry survey indicates that U.S. gamblers who bet online - which is illegal in this country - are young, savvy, college-educated men with money to burn.
But even as the industry wants to create online casinos, conservative members of Congress were pushing last week to strengthen the ban on online casinos - and were buoyed by a public opinion poll that showed growing concern about gambling.
Despite the controversies about online casinos, it is clear that online casinos are played all over the world, even by the most uncommon of online casinos players – a King.
After losing his grip on the government and the army and living with the threat of losing his crown, Nepal's King Gyanendra has turned to a new avenue for solace - online casinos, a report said.

The 60-year-old monarch, whose gamble to follow in the footsteps of his father and revive the era of all-powerful kings crashed after a nationwide revolt, is now trying his luck at poker and blackjack on the Internet, the Jana Aastha weekly reported Wednesday.

Suffering from depression and fluctuating blood pressure after he was forced to hand over power to a multi-party government and endure the curtailing of his purse and privileges by parliament, the headstrong king is also haunted by insomnia that is keeping him up till late at night, the weekly said.

To take his mind off the political developments in the country that threaten to abolish monarchy by holding an election in less than a year, the king is gaming online in the Narayanhity royal palace. Recently, he has been playing online poker and blackjack.

The king is using his international credit cards for the gambling, entering their details online, a move most Internet savvy credit card users avoid to prevent online fraud.

However, though the businessman king engineered a coup with perfect precision last year to seize power, his subsequent actions showed a lack of astuteness and business sense.

They included shutting down services of the state-owned telecom company to help his son-in-law's private telephone firm make a quick profit and trying to borrow money from a shady organization in a scheme that would have ripped off the apex bank in the country, Nepal Rastra Bank, for billions.  

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