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Online casino tumble in Germany

Online casinos and the online casinos industry’s recent winning streak was abruptly broken yesterday after one of the top Austrian online casinos looked to have bet on Germany and lost. The German state of Saxony, where the online casinos firm in the country is based, is expected to pull its online casinos license and ban one of the top online casinos in Europe from accepting bets from German residents.

Saxony is holding a press conference this morning to outline proceedings against online casinos companies that offer illegal sports betting at online casinos.
This latest attempt by a government to clamp down on online casinos unsettled investors in London, where one of the top online casinos in the world saw its stock fall 6p to 112.25p in the steepest loss by any constituent of the FTSE 100, while another one of the top online casinos in the world eased 8.25p to 156.75p

A solid start on Wall Street - where the Dow was about 50 points higher in early trade - encouraged London to recover from what had threatened to be a third day of losses.
Banking analysts picked their favorites in the online casinos sector in the wake of the interim reporting season. Deutsche Bank liked one of the top British online casinos (which is also the subject of reheated, but tired, rumors of US bid interest). The No 3 lender advanced 11p to 644p.
Merrill Lynch, Citigroup and Lehman Brothers were among those to another top online casinos company, up 29p at 1,303p as the emerging markets specialist confirmed its $413m (£216m) acquisition of 81 per cent of a large bank.

The debate about the legality of net casinos continues as The British Gambling Commission has just published a series of rules that clarify the newly reformed Gaming Law and establish guidelines for the country’s online gaming casinos and land casinos and bingo halls.
One rule that applies equally to the online gaming casinos and their land- based counterparts is that both must give customers a constant reminder of the time of day. That means that online gaming casinos must include a clock which would remind players how much time they had been online gambling so far in any particular session.

Likewise, land casinos would have to have clocks on the gaming floors, and would also have to have enough windows so that patrons have natural clues as to the time of day. This is in contrast to many land casinos in countries other than Britain that use deceptive lighting and do not install clocks on gaming floors so that patrons lose track of time.
Another new rule for online gaming casinos would force casinos to verify the age of users of debit cards in order to avoid underage gambling.

The new rules apply only to land casinos located in Britain and to online gaming casinos that seek a British license. Failure to comply with the law could cause a revocation of the licenses.

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