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Over 100 Online Casinos Have eCOGRA Seal of Approval

eCOGRA the online gaming standards and player protection body has given seals of approval to six online poker rooms and thirteen online casinos.

eCOGRA which stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance had a target of one hundred online casinos to receive the online gaming seal of approval before the end of the year. The campaign was launched in May of 2006 when there were 76 online casinos who had the 'play it safe' seal of approval.

Andrew Beveridge the CEO of eCOGRA told reporters that he was more than happy with the standards of the online casinos that were given the seals of approval. He said that eCOGRA wanted to reach the target of one hundred with out relaxing the high standards that must be maintained for these online casinos to receive this seal. Operators must pass rigorous inspections over a period of time to make sure that they are providing a safe and reliable service to the users.

With these extra seals of approval being awarded, the number of online casinos with the 'play it safe' seal stands now at one hundred and seven.

eCOGRA understands that prompt payments, safe and secure storage of information, randomly selected games, honest advertising, and responsible behaviour by the online casinos and poker rooms are the primary concerns of every player and these seals realize these requirements. eCOGRA gaming sites are constantly checked and re checked by an independent accounting firm to make sure that standards are maintained.

The standards authority has also implemented a system in which is there is a dispute between the gamer and the online casinos or poker rooms, then the dispute goes to an online independent advocate service. The advocate is there to be the players voice and to assure that their questions and concerns receive the due care and attention and are resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.

Online casinos and poker rooms who receive the fair gaming seal of approval also are entitled to professional training and services and market support to meet the international standards in the gaming business.

The online casinos and poker rooms that have these seals of approval are also given expert training in how to deal with and curb problems associated with gambling, such as under age gambling and addictive gambling.

The online casinos and online poker industry is going through a difficult time at the moment with the legislation attempting to get passed in the United States, that will ban online casinos and gambling in them out right. With these eCOGRA standards the online casinos industry can only improve and these measures will help to weed out the untrustworthy operators from the fair and honest online casinos, whose sole aim is to promote fair gaming and run a healthy and lucrative business.

People will always want to gamble online and these seals of approval mean that they can do it with a feeling of security and safety.

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