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Report Shows The Long Term Effect of Gambling in Online Casinos

A Professor who teaches clinical and community psychology at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has written a report for the Department of Trade and Industry citing what he believes will be the effect of relaxed gaming laws and online casinos.

The professor believes that the government has not paid enough attention to the effect that gambling and online casinos will have on the community in general. He argues that the greater the availability the greater the problems it will create.

Since the government passed the Gambling Act in 2005 it has made new forms of gambling such as betting from mobile phones and Blackberries, via televisions and on the internet in online casinos much more accessible and therefore more likely to encourage gambling addiction.

The professor believes that the most damaging form of betting will be spread sheet betting where gamblers can bet on financial markets and the results of sporting events. This type of betting has the most damaging effect as the gambler may experience huge losses compared to the amount of money wagered.

The British government in the past has always been strict when it comes to regulating the gambling industry but the legalization of many forms of gambling including online casinos came when the responsibility was shifted from the Home Office, where gambling was treated as a potential danger to the individual, to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Now this move has been made, the gambling and online casinos industry is now a leisure activity.

This new law has allowed many new casino resorts to open up all over the United Kingdom and online casinos are now legalized. The report believes these laws will make gambling a common every day occurrence as gambling machines with high jackpots and unlimited stakes will be accessible all over the country. Adding to these new forms of gambling are bingo and casino games that are available round the clock.

It is estimated that the annual turnover of gambling and online casinos will be £53 billion ($98 billion US). At present there are 140 casinos in the UK and 670 bingo clubs. It is not known how many online casinos are used by UK gamblers. There are 8,000 sports betting shops and 250,000 gambling machines. The new Gambling Act will allow 17 new land based casinos and many more online casinos.

In 2004 it was estimated that 2% of the population had gambled in online casinos and the concern is that these online casinos could create up to 750,000 problem gamblers in the UK.

The online casinos industry believes that by regulating the practice, problems can be more easily controlled and dealt with such as underage and problem gambling.

Online casinos have been going through a rough patch due to the laws in America attempting to being passed, but despite this the online casinos industry is booming and more people are gambling online than ever before.

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