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Online gambling expert Agami talks about online casinos legislation

With the recent announcement of a top online casinos firm’s closure in Costa Rica, SBG Global's Eduardo Agami, an online casinos expert and advocate, cannot be a happy man. As head of the Costa Rican Association of Sportsbooks, one of Agami's biggest concerns throughout the online casinos ordeal has been the loss of over a thousand local jobs in the online casinos industry.
"It is very important to realize that for a poverty-stricken country, the loss of 2000 jobs soon turns into 6000 when you consider the families (total households) affected," Agami told an online casinos news website during a trip to Costa Rica this week.
Agami spoke candidly with the online casinos news site regarding pending legislation to ban online casinos in the United States and the current situation involving the online casinos firm from Costa Rica, which closed recently after indictments were handed down against the online casinos company last month.
Eduardo Agami considered the troubled online casinos firm’s founder, Gary Kaplan, a close personal friend. Kaplan is believed to have fled to Spain, based on a report filed in La Nacion.
"Gary would go door to door of the assemblies (in Costa Rica) looking for regulation," Agami disclosed. "He was looking for legalization way back when. Sure they (the online casinos firm) could have been more careful bringing the operation out onto US soil but (the online casinos firm’s) current management should have responded more aggressively (to the indictment). They shut down briefly then regroup. They are not standing up to the challenge and this can send a negative message throughout the (online casinos) industry."
In regard to current legislation to ban online gambling, Agami feels that there needs to be a compromise between the online gambling industry and the U.S. government.
"How do you get what you want without compromising and meeting some type of balance?" he asks.
Agami spoke to a gentleman representing the United States Department of Treasury at one internet gambling conference. That individual suggested it would go a long way if online gambling companies were to at least send out 1099 statements for each of their customers showing how much was bet, won or lost during a given year. In essence, the online gambling companies would be in compliance. It is the individual customer's obligation to then report all taxes.
When asked by Reuters news service about the concerns over addiction to online gambling, Mr. Agami posed another question: What about the addiction to eBay?
"You are buying potatoes that like Richard Nixon. Is this not impulsive behavior? eBay is available to anyone that has access to a credit card and these transactions are not coded."
Then there is the noted hypocrisy associated with the state lotteries and why politicians do not consider the playing of a lottery as gambling.
"A guy blows his $100,000 life savings on the state lottery, gambling on the chance for a big win. He ends up losing.”

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