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Online Gambling Becomes a Trend for Females

In the gambling world times are changing. Gone are the days when gambling was a male dominated field. The picture may look the same for an outsider who wanders into a poker room or a betting shop or even into a casino, but ever since the popularity of online gambling websites caught on, female online gambling is becoming more and more aggressively prominent in the industry.

Now that the internet has opened up a world of options to people, new reports are finding that the numbers of women who visit online gambling sites is gaining in number steadily and in some areas of gaming women are out numbering men.

Most women still feel intimidated at the prospect of entering a casino or poker hall but online gambling sites make it accessible for female players to practice their gaming techniques and hone their skills in their favorite casino games.

There has always been a stigma attached to gambling for women. Most women agree that betting shops and casinos have a seedy image and they wouldn't frequent such places but, when it comes to online gambling they can join in with the fun and remain anonymous. As the online gambling industry grows, the nature of gambling becomes de-stigmatized due to the fact it is so accessible and we can find online gambling sites that cater more for women.

We only need to take a look around us to see what is happening in poker tournaments. Many of the new comers are women who have practiced and practiced in the online gambling poker sites and have got their skills up to such a level that they can compete for big money. Of course there have always been token female players in poker competitions but the female players then were a rare breed.

Many online gambling websites say that women poker players are gambling but they play with their identities hidden and usually give themselves a strong, manly type of alter ego. They do this because they do not want male players to see that they are female and try to take advantage or intimidate them. Strangely enough, many male players in online gambling sites give themselves sexy female avatars because they want to lure the other players into a false sense of security and then surprise them with their more aggressive online gambling techniques.

Categorizing males and females into these two groups seems a little backward, like we are living in the 1950's when women were considered to be the weaker sex and men thought they spent all day applying lipstick and swapping brownie recipes with their lady friends. Of course these times are long gone but in the gambling and online gambling world there is still, in a few circles that backward mentality.

Online gambling will gradually eradicate that ridiculous image and women will show themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, whether online gambling or in the poker rooms of Caesars Palace.

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