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Online casinos recruiting more than ever

Online casinos have enjoyed incredible growth on the Internet in recent years, and this explosive online casinos expansion has come with much scrutiny and has created quite the crowded online casinos marketplace. But the current state of online casinos is healthy and ripe with new developments and news. The online casinos industry is always exciting. But is the online casinos legal? The debate continues.

Nevertheless, despite the debate about legalities, many websites now cater to betting, and the poker craze that has hit online casinos shows no signs of slowing down. Continued consumer interest in sports gambling, with such high profile events as the Wimbledon and the World Cup attracting bettors, online casinos continue to experience great times.
But even as the industry wants to create online casinos, conservative members of Congress have been trying to strengthen the ban on online casinos - and were buoyed by a public opinion poll that showed growing concern about gambling.
Still, despite the incessant concerns regarding online casinos, the online casinos market remains profitable, and just for the owners of the online casinos.
The on-line gambling market is proving to be profitable not only for site owners but also those recruiting on their behalf since Internet casinos have launched generous incentive programs for people bringing new gamblers to their sites, a research project at Tel Aviv-based Derby University revealed. Derby said businesses have beefed up their recruitment activities and are paying agents as much as 50 percent of their intakes from the new client.
An Israeli site, for example, has even set up a separate marketing company called Wager Junction, which is working with three different sites helping them recruit agents. Among other things, Wager offers programs for agents to provide on-line marketing and other tools to help them bring in new recruits.
Derby said the online casinos site is paying agents 30% of customers' losses of up to $4,999; 35% on up to $200,000 loss; 40% if the gambler loses up to $1m. and as much as 50% if he passes the $1 million mark.
This new study is very interesting because it fails to mention the importance of “loyalty” to the casino site. Some studies and research have shown that the online gambling industry is very popular in terms of levels of addiction, but do customers who start at one net gambling site always stay there to play? Do these customers “defect” and move to other net gambling web sites?
These questions and many other questions about the internet casino industry remain unanswered thus far. What industry experts do know, is that the industry remains very profitable and is “Big business,” as many stocks are traded on the London stock exchange for online gambling firms.
Analysts have said that the net gambling industry is worth in the tens of billions of dollars and will continue to grow in future years with expansions into Asia and into Europe. Millions of Americans already play at net casinos.

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