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Online Gambling Survey Launched This Week

The first major online gambling survey to be conducted was launched this week. The eCOGRA organization is overseeing the survey in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University in England and the University of Nevada.

The online gambling survey aims to compile enough information to give a comprehensive and unbiased impression of the online gambling community on a worldwide scale.

The eCOGRA (eCommerce online gaming regulation and assurance) CEO Andrew Beveridge, asked last week, that online gambling portals do their utmost to encourage players to fill in the survey. They are hoping for at least 20,000 respondents. Mr Beveridge requested that the portals put messages on their websites that direct players to the survey.

The survey first looks at the background of the players in regard to their socio-economic background, age, job description etc and then moves on to find out their online gambling habits, how often they play, what games, how many online casinos they visit. A good portion of the survey is related to how much gamblers believe luck is related and their mental attitude to online gambling. The survey also delves into whether customers feel that gambling sites are reputable and what measures could be taken to bring gambling sites into line and will provide a comprehensive understanding of players' perception and stance concerning the online gambling industry. The survey will also bring up the issue of standards of customer service in online gambling sites and will give an idea of what gamers feel the governing bodies can do to protect gamblers and how they feel the online gambling sites conduct themselves.

The report will also serve to provide information on a qualitative survey of six of the online casinos major markets, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Japan. It is hoped that this study will give eCOGRA a factual idea of what is going on in the online gambling industry rather than going by what is being reported verbally.

Many experts, also proponents and even a few opponents of the online gambling industry welcome this report. With the current bills attempting to be passed, the survey will shed light on the online gambling industry a give a more balanced picture, before drastic measures are taken in the Senate. The bills were due to be voted on before the summer recess and then were postponed. Now that the elections will be upon us soon, the two bills waiting to be passed are in limbo and the future of the online gambling industry is uncertain.

eCOGRA is the only organization that monitors operators and this non profit organization is committed to ensuring operators and players are both protected. Monitoring is done continuously by independent auditing companies. At the moment around 100 online casinos have the "play it safe" seal of approval on their websites. These websites have a solid reputation of fair conduct, responsible gaming and player protection

The eCOGRA Global online gambling Report will be released in January 2007.

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