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Online casinos industry grows with land casinos industry

The online casinos industry is currently being debated about, and the U.S government is experiencing many conflicting opinions about online casinos.
Just recently, the government has been working on eliminating online casinos and online casinos that have poker from American resident's homes.
Now, land based casinos within in the United States are trying with good reason to legalize online casinos.
There's no denying the fact that the online casinos industry is taking people by storm, and many people want to get in on the action and US land based casinos do not want to get left behind the online casinos surge.
It's interesting to know that there are hundreds of online casinos, but not one yet is linked in some way or another to well known land based casinos.
Land based casinos want the interest of the people, and they are aware that if online casinos are owned and operated by them, the 'people' will be even more interested to play at online casinos.
Imagine playing your favorite online casinos games at 'Caesars Palace Casino!'
It's even more exciting knowing that online casinos are owned, operated, and regulated by your favorite land based casino operator.
We won't know the result of this debate until the US government makes its final decision on the online gambling industry and its legalization in the States.
A new proposed Goodlatte's bill to the Senate the anti-internet gaming (bill H.R. 4411) is trying to ban online casino and poker, but leaves out horse racing, and lotteries so the H.R. 4411 will that way be supporting online horse racing, and lotteries - so it would be okay to gamble online on horse racing but online poker and online casino will get banned - what an insane bill!.
A recent CNBC poll showed that over 90 percent of Americans would like to see online casino regulated in the U.S. and not prohibited! Studies have shown that regulation and taxation of Internet poker and online casinos could net the federal government $3.3 billion in revenue annually and another $1 billion for the states.
Over 20 million US players enjoy online poker and online casinos on the net.
If one look at the last years, Las Vegas casinos have been making more and more money. Online casino gambling is beneficial for USA casinos and brings many new gamblers to Las Vegas because it will always be more fun play at a real table and stay at the best hotels and casinos. Going to Las Vegas is an adventure, and last years have shown, that online casino and online poker are actually good for Las Vegas casinos and brings in tons of new players.
Both the online gambling industry and the land based gambling industry will be looking to make big moves in the upcoming years and as more information becomes clear about the legal status of online gambling firms, then players and investors alike will be able to make smart decisions.

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